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High BMI and childbirth options

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wiggins3 Fri 25-Oct-19 14:34:14

Hello, I am really after some advice/experiences of people who are considered obese and have high BMI and their planned or past childbirth experiences.

A family member knows a midwife who thinks I should be having a c section....

However cons of c section are longer recovery/harder to heal etc.

Child birth I run the risk of physically not being 'fit enough' to go through the whole process and put the baby at risk. Therefore more at risk of an emergency c section.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and seeing the consultant next week. If I want to elect for a c section I need to do this next week.

My pregnancy is very healthy despite all the risks of diabeties and pre eclampsia. My blood pressure has remained perfect throughout. I've not even put any weight on during the pregnancy because I lost weight due to sickness.

Any advice or thoughts about what I should do would be appreciated! I'm unsure what to do for the best. Ultimately I want my baby to arrive in the safest possible way.

Thanks in advance

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lesleysawyer Fri 25-Oct-19 14:42:38

My first born I delivered natural and induced because she done poo while in me. But all went fine even though had high BMI ! Now I have my second I plan to have water birth or have same problem had my first go for natural birth. At end day just BMI high doesn't mean have a c section all down to what you want to choice try talk midwife see options look on NHS England to see all options for birth 😊!

Tweetingmagpie Fri 25-Oct-19 23:27:34

It depends on how high it is, are we talking 30 or over 40? And your health in pregnancy so if you have high blood pressure or any other problems, but a bmi alone isn’t a problem within reason.

vdbfamily Fri 25-Oct-19 23:37:07

I would go for natural if no reason not to. A Caesarian scar if you have a big tummy is very hard to keep dry and allow to heal. I had 2 natural births and 3 rs was emergency Caesar. I still get itching on the scar site 13 years later!!

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