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How long did you stay in hospital after cs (2nd baby)

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estobi1 Thu 16-Aug-07 07:50:21

That's it really!

FioFio Thu 16-Aug-07 07:53:37

Message withdrawn

eleusis Thu 16-Aug-07 07:54:26

About 48 hours. He was born just before noon on Thursday and we went home Saturday early afternoon.

honeybunny Thu 16-Aug-07 07:54:48

I've had 3 cs and didnt stay in longer than 48hrs each time.

twinklylottie Thu 16-Aug-07 08:10:35

2 nights. DS born 11.30am on the Monday and left hospital at 2pm on the Wednesday. With my first cs with DD i stayed in 4 nights

Jas Thu 16-Aug-07 08:13:55

5 days, but dd2 was a crash cs, I had a GA, and I felt like I needed to be in hospital for the first 3 days.

Jas Thu 16-Aug-07 08:13:56

5 days, but dd2 was a crash cs, I had a GA, and I felt like I needed to be in hospital for the first 3 days.

moljam Thu 16-Aug-07 08:16:23

4 with 1st,2 with 2nd,week with 3rd but only because i had tear to bladder and ds was poorly

Whimsy Thu 16-Aug-07 08:24:33

7days-Ds1 but he was prem due to pre Eclampsia.

3days-Ds2 was born on the Thursday 3pm and we went home Sunday lunchtime.

elesbells Thu 16-Aug-07 08:25:55

had her weds went home friday.

geordiemacminx Thu 16-Aug-07 08:27:50

Only had 1 cs - ds was born 1pm on friday, left hospital at 7pm on Saturday, hate hospitals, begged with consultant to be let out, he agreed when I overtook him in the corridor on the way back from the canteen!

Highlander Thu 16-Aug-07 15:40:21

3 days with DS1 - didn't know any better and thought that I had to stay.

48 hours with DS2

smugmumofboys Thu 16-Aug-07 15:45:17

2 days both times

RedFraggle Thu 16-Aug-07 16:52:27

3 nights both times.

pinkyminky Thu 16-Aug-07 17:09:14

three nights for second.
first was emergency, and I didn't get out for a week.
btw i think they count the day of delivery as day 0 so it doesn't count. I was nice to have the quiet time with ds2 to be honest, though it was god to get home

pinkyminky Thu 16-Aug-07 17:12:13

that's good to get home!

PestoMonster Thu 16-Aug-07 17:12:23

4 nights with dd1
3 nights with dd2

ArcticRoll Thu 16-Aug-07 17:16:51

three nights with both dc.

womba1 Thu 16-Aug-07 17:19:06

3 nights with both dc (emergency section and elective)

TuttiFrutti Thu 16-Aug-07 18:06:53

4 nights, by choice. They said I could leave after 2 but I loved not having to look after my toddler or cook meals!

lounan Thu 16-Aug-07 20:10:54

6 days ds1(emergency section)
4 days ds2 (elective)

aloha Thu 16-Aug-07 20:11:27

2 nights. One night too many IMO!

Bouquetsofdynomite Thu 16-Aug-07 20:15:21

2 nights both emergency and elective CSecs. Second hospital was so understaffed I was desperate to get out of there but it took ages to find someone to discharge me!

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