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Has anyone given birth at East Surrey Hospital?

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L0205 Sun 13-Oct-19 07:46:38

My due date is approaching and I am still trying to decide where I want to give birth (room wise). I am aware that East Surrey Hospital has a birthing centre option and I quite like the idea of giving birth in a cosy and homey environment.
Does anyone have any information on how it all works? Do I have to pay and book a room? How many people are allowed to be with me at my birth?
Thank you!

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donttellmetwice Sun 13-Oct-19 07:54:58

Don't need to pay or book. Just let the midwife you see at your regular appointments know that you'd like to use the birthing centre. That was also my preference but I didn't get to use them.
In terms of how many people, again maybe ask your midwife, it'll be at least one but I never asked about that.
Good luck and enjoy!

chuffoff Sun 13-Oct-19 20:46:03

Ask midwife for a tour, they'll happily show you around. Have heard lots of positive things about it and it's where I plan to give birth next year provided my consultant agrees (currently high risk for various reasons).

VanillaSmile Thu 17-Oct-19 15:08:12

I recently had my baby at East Surrey. I would have loved to have made use of the birthing centre but I ended up needing to be induced, and my induction unfortunately ended in an emergency section.

Though I can’t comment on the birth centre experience, I can say the care was amazing and all of the midwives were fantastic. I was allowed two birth partners on the labour ward, and one could accompany me to theatre. Not sure if this is different in the birth centre, but your regular community midwife should be able to tell you.

Best of luck for the birth!

L0205 Thu 17-Oct-19 22:07:59

@donttellmetwice @chuffoff @VanillaSmile thank you all! I have called and booked a tour for next month so hopefully I'll get to see it or at least get some more info about it smile

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