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What was your third c-section like?

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FioFio Mon 13-Aug-07 16:05:30

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 13-Aug-07 16:06:32

It was a peice of p**s tbh Fio

nutcracker Mon 13-Aug-07 16:07:57

My mother says the exact same thing by the way.

Honestly though it was absolutly fine, very calm, I wasn't nervous at all as you know whats coming.

My recovery was loads quicker than previous sections too, although that may be because ds was confined to his billybed and only allowed out for feeds, so I didn't have to actually do much for a whole week.

ahundredtimes Mon 13-Aug-07 16:08:43

Bliss. First two were emergency sections so by comparison, third elective was easy as pie. I also think that the recovery time gets quicker and quicker each time.

There were some concerns about excessive scar tissue, but in the end not justified.

FioFio Mon 13-Aug-07 16:37:08

Message withdrawn

patyabelle Mon 13-Aug-07 17:09:11

I had my 3rd section in May this year, easiest by far. First section was emergency took me 3 weeks to do the most basic of things, 2nd section was elective much easier but took 10 days before I began to feel normal. I was up and about the next day no probs after my 3rd section felt great, I took arnica and insured I did not skimp on the painkillers either, took them for as long as I felt I had to. HTH

FioFio Tue 14-Aug-07 09:09:50

Message withdrawn

startouchedtrinity Tue 14-Aug-07 09:17:12

No problems here either.

sugarfree Tue 14-Aug-07 09:29:40

First CS was a crash section,14 mins from discovery of problem to baby born,I bled and bled and was ill for 4 days.I'd say it took me about 18 months to feel properly better.
Second one was an elective,6 years later.Had a bloody great time tbh.Looked like sh1t for a few days but was back to normal very quickly indeed.
Third one (10 years after the first,and I do think that made a difference) was another elective.I had a lot of scarring from the first two,and I was sterilized at the same time so was on the table for a good hour longer.I then reacted to the morphine in the spinal and had the 'itchies' for 24 hours.Ds3 and I had some funny blister that we had to have investigated,then ds3 had jaundice and they threatened us with a return to hospital sod I really didn't feel as on top of it as I had after Ds2.
However,none of it was to do with it being my third,just the way it happened.

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 09:33:57

third was better than first 2 even though i had tear to bladder due to scar tissue,i recovered better,much faster.

FioFio Tue 14-Aug-07 09:34:51

Message withdrawn

sugarfree Tue 14-Aug-07 09:37:12

Lol Fio,which bit?
I'm not good at birthing babies.

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 09:37:52

not because of that but coz ds was poorly.i went home with wee bag strapped to my leg(cant remember proper name!) though,which was fine,i was just glad to be out for xmas.dd and ds1 found it hilarious that mummy could wee standing up like dady!

zookeeper Tue 14-Aug-07 09:38:20

elective, calm, magical

FioFio Tue 14-Aug-07 09:39:55

Message withdrawn

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 09:41:40

how long have you got to go fio?

sugarfree Tue 14-Aug-07 09:42:06

The morphine (well,all of it really) was just bad luck.
Our talents lie in other directions m'dear.

FioFio Tue 14-Aug-07 09:42:40

Message withdrawn

LizaRose Tue 14-Aug-07 09:45:09

I had 3 sections (1 emergency, 2 elective). The third took longer than the second and there was more guddling about, which I believe was because they had to get through some scar tissue. I was also sterilised (I'm sure it didn't take an hour longer though, maybe 20-30min?). The biggest difference to the recovery was that I needed a drain in, which stung like bejeezus when it was taken out! Otherwise back on my feet etc. just like the previous elective. And it is none of your mum's business, imo.

motherhoodrocks Tue 14-Aug-07 10:32:18

Re Arnica after reading loads about it on good old MN I bought the 30c strength and took 1 tab 4 times a day. I think I once read you can get a stronger strength which may have to be ordered in, I bought mine from Holland and Barratt. Recovered much faster after my 3rd section, put it down to the Arnica and getting out of bed and walking around the ward the evening after my morning section. HTH and all the best.

moljam Tue 14-Aug-07 14:26:02

wanted to agree with lizarose,my 3rd took longer due to scar tissue then obviously fixing the tear to bladder on top of that.i had one emergency 2 selective (and would love another!)

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