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Going mad help! 40+3, second baby long latent phase???

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BMorelli Sat 28-Sep-19 15:47:15

Hi everyone, so DD who is 16 mo was born 8 hours after water broke at 38+5. Had no build up, literally woke up with water gushing every where, contractions started soon after like period pains and went from there. I am now 40+3 (or 39+6 if we go by the fact my cycles are long), and I dont know what DS is playing at. Started having mild contractions 5 mins apart on Thursday eve, after 2 hours they disappeared. Had random ones throughout Friday (yesterday) and saw midwife in the afternoon, she said baby's head was 4/5 which is good for second pregnancy as they dont usually move down until very last minute as have so much space. Then last night had contractions from 2 until 6 in the morning, quite regular and one that I had to breathe through. Then they went away again, and I have had a few off and on thoroughout the day. Went for a nap and it now feels like I have a bowling ball between my legs, which I remember for the last couple of weeks when DD engaged. Please can someone help me with what is happening because I mistakenly thought second labours were quick and that the latent phase was short. I didnt have a latent phase with DD so this is driving me mad. TIA xxx

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MatildaCat Sat 28-Sep-19 16:07:41

Eek! No words of advice but I had this with DD1. Contractions started one Tuesday am and didn't give birth till sat pm! I'm pregnant again and I've just been saying to DH that when labour starts he needs to remind me to stay active because last time I didn't and I wonder if that slowed things down. All I can suggest but hope he gets a move on for you x

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