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Who had a waterbirth with DH or DP in pool too?

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mears Sun 12-Aug-07 12:55:45

Saw this for the first time and it was absolutely lovely

collision Sun 12-Aug-07 13:01:49

I never really thought about having dh in there too.

It would have been lovely but ther was alot of gunk in the water!!

I was over the edge of the pool as he stroked my back and then I crouched for the final push so we could both see ds2 come up thru the water.

Best thing ever

ib Sun 12-Aug-07 13:47:26

Dh was in the pool. The midwife whispered intructions to him as to what he could do to help. It was lovely. Dh caught ds as he came out.

I hadn't realised most dhs weren't in the pool during waterbirths.

choufleur Sun 12-Aug-07 19:15:19

we went with the intention of ds being in the pool but he never got round to getting in. Water was great though!

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