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Birth centre after previous preeclampsia induction?

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purplepolo Thu 26-Sep-19 14:29:08

I feel like ive jumped from csection, to just normal birth to now wanting to give birth in a midwife led unit / birth centre!

With my first I was induced after a routine midwife appointment at 37 weeks due to high bp and +3 protein. So that was rather unexpected! The pain from the induction was unbearable as my contractions were constant and no one thought i was in labour ( oh shes a first time mum..has no ideahmm ) . From unduction to having my dd was 5 hours, all done on paracetamol, it was bloody awful. Where it all happened to quickly her heartrate dropped massively, was cut and had a vaccum delivery. Dd was fine, straight on my chest, all was good. It was just very quick, and I felt very out of control!

Now IF all goes well with this pregnancy (im currently 29 weeks) i think i would like to go to a birth centre. Would I be allowed??

So far had no concerns, had a growth scan (and i know these arent always accurate) and baby is measuring on the 95th centile so not worried about her being small. Ive also read that second labours are "easier" than the first and are more unlikely to need intervention, is that the case?

Or would i be crazy to want to use a birth centre? I wanted to use one with my first, and was gutted i couldnt and had gotten my hopes up the whole way through my first pregnancy, with this one im in the mind set that ill go to hospital and itll be a perk if I do get to go to the birth centre.

If i could go to the bc, whats the latest i could register with them that i want to go there? And i take it youd have to go into labour after 37 weeks to go to one?


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mrkaykay Fri 27-Sep-19 15:41:44

I'm interested in this too as had preeclampsia with my first discovered in labour (coincidentally in the midwife unit as it wasnt apparent until I arrived pushing) I've opted for a home birth this time which the consultant has said ok to as long as nothing arises. I'm taking 150mg aspirin daily. I can only assume if you show no signs they might let you is your birth centre attached to a hospital?.

purplepolo Fri 27-Sep-19 20:30:53

No the birth centre where I am is stand alone, the hospital is 20-25min car journey from there. Would probably be quicker in an ambulance if it came to that.

Had a tour today of the BC and asked if I would be able to, and they said i should be as long as all goes well with this pregnancy. Im making more of an effort to keep my bp down, exercising, watching what i eat. My bp didnt go up till about 36 weeks, so fingers crossed it behaves itself!

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Teddybear45 Sat 28-Sep-19 08:16:40

My local midwife led unit would refuse but it’s because they had a few maternal deaths related to midwives being unable to spot the signs of postnatal preclampsia. In your situation with a fast labour first time round I wouldn’t want to take any chances.

ShippingNews Sat 28-Sep-19 08:24:00

I*ve also read that second labours are "easier" than the first and are more unlikely to need intervention, is that the case*?

Don't work on that assumption, OP. Every labour is different and there is no evidence that subsequent labours are easier than the first. They are normally quicker , that's all. I wouldn't be pinning any hopes on having this one at a birth centre - it's best to go with whatever is best for your baby.

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