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Please help me to not be induced!

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agatharaisinsstillettos Tue 24-Sep-19 06:48:21

So I've lost my waters at 37+4 weeks at 8am yesterday, I was examined at 6pm after not going into labour and told I had a bishops score of 8. They did a stretch and sweep and said it was very successful, and my cervix had been walked forward?!

I'd had contractions yesterday morning in the early hours so the advice was to go home and sleep and they thought it would all come on naturally again.

Well it hasn't. sad I'm rested, I've bounced on a ball, I've had a shower and I've not had a whiff of a contraction since the one just after the sweep.

They want to induce me next apparently... but I've already been told that labour ward is very busy with 8 inductions this morning so
I feel they are going to say I have to wait which scares me because of the infection risk to baby that waiting has.

Anyone have any other ideas to get DS to even think about coming out and stopping his shenanigans? They would be much appreciated!

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Bluebell9 Tue 24-Sep-19 09:39:38

I'm only 35+2 with my first so no experience but I've been doing the positive birth company and if I were you, I'd keep upright, so the babys weight is pressing down. Keep relaxed and maybe watch something funny to increase oxytocin. The drip used to bring on contractions is synthetic oxytocin.
Good luck

ShippingNews Tue 24-Sep-19 09:42:10

They might be busy, but if you've lost your waters you'll be top of the list. Good luck !

TerribleCustomerCervix Tue 24-Sep-19 09:46:02

I lost my waters with no pains with dc2 at 10am.

I put a tena lady pad on and went to the shops, then came home and went for a walk around the park- contractions started by 3pm. Staying seated and laying down had absolutely lengthened my labour with dc1, so I was determined to keep upright.

agatharaisinsstillettos Tue 24-Sep-19 09:48:42

Thank you!

Still no sign, poor dog is fed up of being walked. I'm on countdown now as have to go in in an hour confused feeling very nervous!

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Bluebell9 Thu 26-Sep-19 14:37:44

How did you get on @agatharaisinsstillettos?

Aquamarine1029 Thu 26-Sep-19 14:40:51

I would be walking around as much as possible. Housework, laundry, dancing about, anything to keep you moving.

agatharaisinsstillettos Thu 26-Sep-19 14:50:12

We ended up being induced, however it was the most beautiful birth I could have asked for. It was also rather quick! We're all at home now smile

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Aquamarine1029 Thu 26-Sep-19 14:57:16

Aww, this is so wonderful! Congratulations! Can you share a pic of your gorgeous baby?

Bluebell9 Thu 26-Sep-19 15:59:46

Congratulations! I'm glad it all went well.

BigRedBoat Tue 01-Oct-19 06:25:05

T. M

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