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Quick previous labour = quick induction?

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Beetie1 Tue 17-Sep-19 06:07:03

Hi. I've been booked in for an induction on my due date. This is my 3rd DC and previous 2 labours have progressed naturally with no interventions. My last labour was pretty quick - just over 2 hours from first twinge to baby in arms - so I was wondering if this would make it more likely that an induction would also be quick. Does anyone have experience of an induction after a previous quick labour?

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Beetie1 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:32:49


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orchid1234 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:07:07

I've not had a previous birth so cant comment fully but my cervix was fully closed when induction started by tablet and it took around 14 hours to open enough for them to sweep but once they broke my waters and put me on the drip my labour progressed very fast

randomsabreuse Wed 18-Sep-19 16:09:55

Mine was very similar in pattern - took slightly longer to get going "properly" but established labour was about the same - under 2 hours for both. Didn't need any induction other than the gel.

Mintypea5 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:10:26

Depends how long it takes to get your started (how ready your body and cervix are) how many weeks are you?

I was induced at 42 weeks and labour kicked in pretty fast but took a long time for Ds to arrive (first baby) and then induced at 38 weeks with DS2 took my waters being broken and the drip to kick me off because I wasn't ready but once I was in labour DS2 Appeared very fast! I went 4-10 Cm in less than 30 mins (midwife didn't believe I needed to push) 6 minutes later Ds was there

Beetie1 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:04:17

I'm 37 weeks now and I'm being induced on my due date at 40 weeks.

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