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Are tears very painful at the time of tearing or is it more the recovery and stitches that are painful?

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PSL1990 Thu 12-Sep-19 14:44:10

If you had a tear during labour, was the actual moment of the tear v painful or were you more distracted by the contractions? Perhaps it depends on whether it is 1st/2nd/3rd/4th? Thanks

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Bluebelltulip Thu 12-Sep-19 14:59:46

Most tears happen as the baby is coming out so there is a lot of pressure on the area anyway. I didn't feel the tear in particular. I was numbed for the stitches and I didn't find the recovery more painful than the birth where I didn't tear.

ArfArfBarf Thu 12-Sep-19 15:01:38

I’ve torn in each of my pregnancies. One was an “extended second degree” tear. Didn’t feel it happen and didn’t find the recovery painful either!

AudacityOfHope Thu 12-Sep-19 15:01:43

I tore along my previous episiotomy scar but didn't feel it at the time.

I got stitches, and sometimes they were a bit achy, but nothing too major. Same as with the epi stitches from my first birth really. Only ached if I walked too far.

Weirdly, I ache there now just before my period. Must be something hormonal, I guess.

ImAShowPony Thu 12-Sep-19 15:04:14

I didn't feel the tear in either of my labours. The first one, I had had an epidural but the second birth I had no pain relief and didn't feel it happen.
The stitches afterwards weren't awful- I just wanted to get them over and done with though and it seemed to take a long time when I'd just had enough!!!. I didn't have any problems afterwards and wouldn't have described them as painful- but the area was definitely very very tender for a week.

LuckyKitty13 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:05:18

2nd degree - didnt feel it happen or the repair! Was pleasantly surprised !

MumsyMum31 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:07:17

I had a bad 3rd degree tear. I didn’t feel it as if had an epidural, but truthfully my recovery was painful and took over a month before I could sit properly. But I am an extreme example!

TheBabyAteMyBrain Thu 12-Sep-19 15:09:08

With my first I had a 3rd degree tear and I felt it, but I was pushing a baby out and it all hurt anyway. It was an intense pain which did give me a shock and made me leap forward in the pool, but 10 seconds later I had a baby in my arms and it was forgotten. I had surgery and I didn't find the healing too painful at all. Uncomfortable and had to be gentle when I sat for a while.

I tore again for dc2 but only 2nd degree, was stitched by a midwife and again just had to be a bit careful sitting for a bit.

I did have issues with sex and pooing for about 6 months but they cleared up on their own with a little time.

20viona Thu 12-Sep-19 15:13:36

I didn't feel my tear but I felt my episiotomy they gave me the local but snipped straight away before it took effect!

CocoLoco87 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:18:23

I had a 3rd degree tear and then a 2nd degree one next time. Didn't feel either at the time! Got stitched up in theatre first time and in the delivery suite second time, that was uncomfortable as I could feel the tugging down there. The recovery is achy and sore and so worse than the actual event itself iyswim

MusicMother Thu 12-Sep-19 15:20:33

Didn't feel anything apart from the contractions when I had my 3rd degree tear, found things pretty difficult afterwards though.

yomommasmomma Thu 12-Sep-19 15:23:37

I had a tear with my first son and didn't feel it happen at all. I think that tells us something about how painful labour is!!

If (God forbid) you had a tear like that happen when you weren't giving birth, you would probably pass out and be hospitalised by the pain and effect of it, but when you are giving birth, you don't notice!!

The recovery afterwards was the painful part for me.

userabcname Thu 12-Sep-19 15:29:56

I had a 3dt and all of it was painful - pushing baby out was probably the most painful part of the entire labour (felt like I was splitting in half), was under GA to be stitched and then on lots of pain relief in hospital for a week but when I got home and was on paracetamol and ibuprofen I was in a lot of pain again. Couldn't really stand / walk for long for about 6 weeks and it took a good few months to stop feeling uncomfortable down there.

LegoPiecesEverywhere Thu 12-Sep-19 15:31:57

Third degree tear here. It wasn’t painful at the time but it took me 10 weeks to recover. My GP gave me steroids at week 9 and it was better within the week. Wish I had gone to him earlier.

Buddyelf Thu 12-Sep-19 15:34:33

I tore badly with my second in 2 places but it wasn’t painful when it happened but I knew it was happening when it was happening iyswim? Bloody hurt after though!

DoctorAllcome Thu 12-Sep-19 15:36:03

Had one 3rd degree tear and two 2nd degree tears. Did not feel pain when they happened. Natural childbirth, no pain relief. Probably because the pressure down there was so immense that it self numbed. Like sitting on your hand for four hours.
I was numbed for stitches and recovery was painful...especially peeing or pooping for first week after birth. I used sitz baths to help with the itching and pain.
But, the staff did say that tears heal faster and better than episiotomies because the ragged edges knit together faster and better than a surgical cut. I guess it’s like a scratch versus a paper cut only on a larger scale and in a very sensitive place!

CuteOrangeElephant Thu 12-Sep-19 15:38:57

Second degree tear here, barely felt it and recovery was mostly painless.

Spam88 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:45:06

I had a few tears - I felt the one near my clitoris happen. Was instantaneous pain though. As for recovery, the whole area was very sore, I wouldn't say the torn areas were more painful particularly.

TheOrigBrave Thu 12-Sep-19 15:50:14

I've had 2 vaginal births. The first I didn't feel happening or feel being stitched up as I'd had an epidural. Recovery was uneventful as far as I can remember.

2nd birth had some small internal tears which I didn't feel happening, and she gave me option to have them stitched or not. I left them alone. They were more sore than the stitched tear, but I generally felt more battered anyway due to the short and sharp labour and birth!

TheOrigBrave Thu 12-Sep-19 15:53:29

The first I didn't feel happening

I mean "The first TEAR"....I felt the birth! Oh yes.

The smell of tea tree oil always takes me back to the early post natal days.

randomsabreuse Thu 12-Sep-19 15:53:47

Didn't feel tear but had ventouse so had local in place. Think it was 2nd degree. Healing was itchier. Had epesiotomy 2nd time around (also ventouse) and the worst bit was actually the catheter (24h only fortunately) seemed to rub on my stitches and make the pads leak like a sieve!

Whattodo20192 Thu 12-Sep-19 15:55:10

I had an episiotomy for my first and tore with my second. Didn't feel it happen as I was under so much pressure anyway. Have to get pain relief before the stitches though as I could feel them being done.
The recovery from the natural tear was much easier than with the episiotomy. With the natural tear I was back wearing skinny jeans less than a week later

NotSoThinLizzy Thu 12-Sep-19 15:56:59

Didnt feel either of mine. I had a graze that was close to where I pee so that was agony. Didnt feel either tear after. Up and normal activities in about 1 day.

ThePolishWombat Thu 12-Sep-19 16:01:32

I had a small, internal second degree tear with DC1, and had no idea about it until afterwards. Pretty sure the famous “ring of fire” masked the actual pain of the tear happening.
I had 5 internal stitches which I honestly didn’t even know were there! Felt a little bit itchy towards the end when they were dissolving but that’s about it.
However.....I also had a couple of “labial lacerations” that the Dr said didn’t require stitching, and they were absolute agony for the first week sad Felt like I was peeing battery acid.
Although I did figure out a few little tricks (a little too late for my liking though!) that helped ease the stinging!

SlightlyWizened Thu 12-Sep-19 16:04:22

Tore with the first under epidural so felt nothing. Stitches weren't painful and healing went well.
Episiotomy with second under epidural and felt nothing but area did not feel right afterwards for a few weeks and I got thrush.
Tear with third, natural vaginal birth didn't feel a thing. Getting the injection to numb for stitches was ouchy! Felt a bit of sharp pain at some of the stitches whiles they were being done. No pain after and during healing.

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