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Early signs of labour?

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lemonsquash4 Thu 12-Sep-19 09:58:09

35 weeks pregnant with DC2. DC1 was born in 2 1/4 hours at 38+4 weeks. DC2 is currently breech. I live an hour from the nearest hospital (small basic one). I plan to give birth in a proper hospital in the nearest city, 5 hours drive away. Going to the city to wait for the baby at 37 weeks. I will be staying 30 minutes from the nearest hospital, and 30 mins - 2 hours (dependant on traffic) from the hospital where I hope to give birth. We live abroad and there is no paramedic/ambulance service.

I'm worried about having a breech delivery on the side of the road! Are there any sure signs that I might be going into labour? Obviously if my waters break, I have any painful contractions (have been having lots of painless BH) or I lose my mucous plug I will get straight in the car. Are there any other signs that I should look out for and act on immediately?

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