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Hyper-stimulated induction: anyone else??

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Smurfy23 Sun 08-Sep-19 18:03:12

I was induced when DD was born- within 10 minutes of the pessary being inserted I started having cramps. Turned out I was having the 9 contractions within every 10 minutes. The next 24 hours was spent trying to stop this and it felt like they were trying to work out what to do with me next as I wasnt dilated and so couldnt really progress. It was the start of a long list of medical interventions (waters broken, forceps, episiotomy)...It was a little bit of a disaster and not something I'd care to repeat!

Am now 39 weeks with dc2. I'm opting for a home birth to try and avoid as much medical intervention as possible but there is a nagging question in my mind about what happens if I get so far overdue (or if something goes wrong) that we are looking at induction again. I saw the consultant who swore blind it was unlikely to happen again but no one mentioned it the first time and no one I know has had it happened to them.

So my questions are- did this happen to you? If so did you end up being induced again and what was that like?

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