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When do you need to choose a hospital?

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Lakedeal Wed 28-Aug-19 20:37:48

Hi all

I have just found out I'm expecting in May 2020. My GP is new to the area, and told me I should self-refer online to MW services but don't need to chose the hospital yet. When I looked online, each of the three hospitals that would be an option for me (Lewisham, Tommies and Kings) have different MW services.

Is my GP right that choosing to use one MW service would not tie me to that hospital?

Thanks! x

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Iwouldlikesomecake Thu 29-Aug-19 19:43:31

If you book at one hospital and then decide to transfer care at a later date to another hospital it is relatively straightforward but generally you have to go through the long booking appointment again, it often means more appointments, duplicating what you’ve already had done.

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