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A question about bladder sensation post delivery - how long before it comes back?

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Miaou Sat 04-Aug-07 08:54:13

I had this problem last year when I had my appendix out but by this stage (ie 10 days post surgery) I had all feeling back. But ds2 is 10 days old now and I still have no idea when I need to go to the loo! Anyone else had this problem and how long should I expect to go before it returns? (Keep meaning to ask the m/w when she visits but I keep forgetting )

siobhana Sat 04-Aug-07 09:33:46

Hi Miaou, i had ds1 15 days ago and also had this problem up until about day 10-ish, I am only just beginning to get sensation back now. The first few days post delivery I had absolutely no feeling at all and was horrified to discover I was actually leaking urine! (sorry if TMI!) I asked the midwife what to do + she said to go + sit on the loo every 3 hours or so regardless, and she referred me to the physio whom I am seeing on the 9th. But remember to drink plenty water and cranberry juice if you can - you don't want the urine to become concentrated. She also reminded me about pelvic floor exercises, when I tried to do them on approx day 2 it felt like I didn't even HAVE any pelvic floor left! But it has improved greatly now, thank goodness. Perhaps you could ask your hv about physio referral when she comes to visit, or you could also phone the post-natal ward you were in - they generally have a book where they can put your name down to book an appt with the physio. Hope this is of some help - don't despair, it will come right again I promise. Let me know how you get on

Miaou Sat 04-Aug-07 09:39:18

Thanks for that siobhana - this was my fourth baby so I think my pelvic floor is well and truly shot ! I have been going every couple of hours just to be on the safe side and religiously doing my pelvic floor exercises - just not seen any improvement yet! However I will mention it to the m/w when she comes tomorrow and/or if I forget I will chase it up in another week if no improvement.

siobhana Sat 04-Aug-07 17:04:02

Eek! Didn't realise this was your fourth baby... did you have this with any of your other children? <<looks ahead to future apprehensively>> I was really shocked at how little control I seemed to have after the one! I'm sure the mw or hv will be able to point you in the right direction. All the best!

Miaou Sun 05-Aug-07 11:12:24

Mmm, don't remember having such a problem with the others. It's not the holding it in btw, I don't leak everywhere! - just the fact that I don't know when I need to go.

stleger Sun 05-Aug-07 11:31:27

It took me 4 weeks with ds - I had to drink huge amounts to build up downward pressure. And it righted itself suddenly.

Miaou Sun 05-Aug-07 20:18:52

M/w this morning said that if I had no improvement by the time of my six week check, to follow it up then, in the meantime to do my pelvic floors regularly

JennsterBubsLayer Sun 05-Aug-07 20:28:59

I had this after dd, but not this time strangely. I was pushing for 90 mins last time though and only 15 this time. Must be something to do with the nerves?

Miaou Sun 05-Aug-07 20:30:46

Jennster, I was only pushing for 12 mins this time - ds2 burst a blood vessel in his eye he came out so fast

I guess it must be to do with the nerves - tis all still rather swollen in that area - God knows why it happened after my appendectomy though

JennsterBubsLayer Sun 05-Aug-07 20:31:54

Ohh DS has a burst blood vessel in his eye too!

rantinghousewife Sun 05-Aug-07 20:33:52

Miaou, am assumming you had a natural birth here but, you don't perchance have a bruised perenium, do you. If you're still under the MW, it might be worth checking it out with her.

Miaou Mon 06-Aug-07 19:59:43

I think that's pretty likely, rantinghousewife. I was grazed and tore (which I persuaded them not to stitch); m/w said it's healing well but still sore (no shit, sherlock )

rantinghousewife Mon 06-Aug-07 20:05:47

Sorry I only asked because I had one and I felt numb for a few weeks afterwards, this could be the reason. I asked the MW (she didn't sign me off for weeks) why I didn't have sensation and she replied because you have a ruddy great bruise between your legs that's why.

Miaou Mon 06-Aug-07 20:08:29

lol! sorry, the sherlock comment wasn't aimed at you!!

Starting to get some sensation back today - phew! (I cannot believe I am discussing this )

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