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Waters broken and worried about induction

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LozC83 Tue 13-Aug-19 19:27:50

Hi all, this is my first baby and a little nervous to say the least. My waters broke at 11:30pm last night and now being told I must come back 24hrs later for induction, as still jo contractions. I’m worried this is suppose to be more painful and stronger contractions (I’m also nervous about an epidural). Would be keen to hear your experiences? Also they keep saying it’s greater risk to leave longer than 24hrs as increased infection, but I’ve seen some experiences where mums TB have asked for another 24hrs to see if contractions start naturally...any advice or support would be great smile

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Blue2309 Tue 13-Aug-19 19:33:08

Sorry to hear you are worried - look, as you’ve asked for advice i’ll Give it, as somebody who had a difficult induction last year.

Have the induction. Yes the baby will probably be ok if you leave it another 24 hours. Probably. You’ve got to do what you are happy with.

Yes the drip is painful not going to lie. But hopefully you’ll get going quickly. Have an epidural if you need one. Don’t be nervous they are amazing.

I know this isn’t the birth scenario you would have hoped for, of course not. I totally understand. I’ve been there. But what I now know is that you get pregnant to have a healthy baby not a wonderful birth experience. I mean that kindly. Soon you will be meeting your wonderful baby. Good luck. flowers

Dinosauratemydaffodils Tue 13-Aug-19 19:34:58

There were 81 hours from my waters breaking to dc1 being delivered. I really wouldn't recommend that.

I did go into labour on my own and then ended up being put on the drip because dc1's head wasn't on the cervix properly. For me the contractions weren't any more painful on the drip than they were before the drip although I can't deny it hurt a lot.

Do lots of walking, one foot on the pavement, one on the road or bouncing on a ball if you have one and good luck.

GinGeum Tue 13-Aug-19 19:35:29

Have the induction. I didn't, and ended up with sepsis and a week in hospital.

MaverickSnoopy Tue 13-Aug-19 19:35:47

I think my most painful labour was when I went into labour spontaneously, whereas the others were induced. Then again the first was 25 hours long and the others 4 hours.

I didn't want an epidural with my first at all. Quite terrified in fact and adamant I wouldn't have one. I had one. With my second the epidural didn't work at all. With my third I asked for an epidural straight away but actually it wasn't as painful as the others so probably could have managed without.

All labours are different. Do what you feel comfortable with. Personally I wouldn't wait longer than 24 hours after water going. When I was pregnant with my first i was told that if my waters broke and nothing happened I should go to hospital and stay there. That was 8 years ago though. Make sure you put a pad on and dont put anything up there, use any bath products or have sex.

LeeScoresbysBalloon Tue 13-Aug-19 19:44:29

I was induced due to PROM, and in the end it was 60 hours between waters breaking and baby being born.

The birth was good, like you I was terrified of induction but it was absolutely fine. Take all the pain relief you need, induction can be long and you’ll need your rest and sleep, which you won’t get once the contractions start up. You don’t get a medal for doing it pain relief free! I didn’t even feel the epidural needle going in.

Whilst my labour was ok, me and my baby had to stay in hospital for 5 days and be treated for infection. It turned out in the end baby didn’t have an infection, just me, but we both had to be treated with IV anti-bs anyway to be on the safe side. They think this infection was due to my waters being broken for so long.

If I were to have another and the same thing happened again, I will be asking to go in for an induction straight away. The labour and birth was the easy part, but the having to stay in for 5 days and me and my baby being pumped with various drugs was really stressful.

Personally I wouldn’t risk waiting longer and increasing your risk of infection even more. It can result in you and baby being poorly and having to spend even longer in hospital.

Littlemissdaredevil Tue 13-Aug-19 21:04:19

My waters went at 11:30 and I was told to come back 24 hours later. I wish I have insisted on coming back at 8am after a decent nights sleep. My contractions started almost immediately meaning that I had zero sleep that night (everyone else I knew who was induced took days). Even if your induction takes days a hospital ward is not the best place to sleep as they are unbearably hot and noisy.

I also wished I had insisted on an epidural before I let them touch me (despite not really wanting an epidural beforehand)

20viona Wed 14-Aug-19 09:07:07

Different story slightly but I was induced after 2 pessarys due to IUGR they broke my waters and she was born 2 and half hours later. Yes it was fast furious and very painful but looking back I'd rather than that a 3 day labour!

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