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Chances of having an elec csection

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purplepolo Tue 06-Aug-19 19:31:08

So Im currently 21 weeks with my 2nd. And the past couple weeks ive been feeling so low, upset and pretty much constantly crying, and I think its all stemming to me dreading this birth 😖 with my first I was 37 weeks, had high bp, loads of protien in my wee, was induced midnight that night, contractions came on really quick and were constant, i didnt get a break from the pain, no one listened to me gave me paracetamol, told me to get in the bath (not birthing pool, just the tub in the bathroom down the corridor. When someone came to find me they could see i was in agony, babies heartrate at dropped by this point, alarm bell pulled loads of people rushed in. Was then wheelchaired to a labour room when I had an episiotomy and vaccum and out she was by 5.30am. Doesnt sound as bad as some other stories Ive read, but i just remember the pain, and the shock afterwards i felt so so sick and down for days. And tbh i dont want to go through that again.

I wouldnt wish the experience on my worst enemy, and the fact that this is all dawning on me already is just screwing with my head 😞

If I do get preeclampsia again, can I ask for a c section instead of being induced again?

I think if I laboured naturally, and had normal contractions, I could deal with that and prep myself more, but I dont want to have that induction pain again. Ive been having nightmares about me being induced, the only good labour related dream is one I had last night and I had a csection, seemed more appealling than my other dreams that didnt end well 😔

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EdwardGorey Fri 09-Aug-19 10:16:09

They cannot induce you without your consent. They may not always present the choice like this, and some people find they come under a lot of pressure to do things the way they want you to - but you have an absolute right to refuse any treatment you don't want. So you absolutely can refuse another induction.

I would suggest speaking to your midwife about your concerns as soon as you next see her. Ask her to to write in your notes explicitly that you refuse consent for an induction, and want to go straight for a c-section if the baby needs getting out early for any reason. If you've got a good one that should be straightforward, and once it's in your notes you can stop worrying. But even if it proves to be a longer conversation and you have to fight for it: they CANNOT induce you without your consent.

doadeer Fri 09-Aug-19 10:24:41

You can request a c section on any grounds just be firm and keep consistently asking. They might try to deter you but you have the right

JJSMC Fri 09-Aug-19 16:49:57

Yes you can. But keep in mind a section is not an easy option. The recovery is likely to be much longer and with another child to care for could potentially make life much tougher. Do your research in to a section before you make any decisions as there are also negatives for baby. Good luck! x

grobags Fri 09-Aug-19 20:31:44

You can refuse induction. I know how you're feeling I had a similar first birth with no break between contractions it was awful sad and also became very anxious about second. I had to ring a lot of people before seeing a consultant to request c section.. try the supervisor of midwives if you're getting nowhere. You have to be determined. I relaxed once c section was booked in but baby had other plans, and arrived very speedily a week early with no time for anything but gas and air, and actually it was fine for me this time, the pain only got as intense as last time during transition and that only lasted a few minutes. Such a different experience.
The best birth plan is the one you are most comfortable with, I think, but be prepared for plan B if you're c section is booked very close to your due date!

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