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How long before I heal from burst episiotomy stitches?

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NottsMum Sun 19-Sep-04 21:33:21

I had my DD2 almost 2 weeks ago and ended up with an episiotomy to prevent me from tearing. Unfortunately, my stitches got infected on day 4 and I'm currently on my second week of antibiotics. I was so badly swollen that at least 3 of my stitches burst and I've been left with a hole which is about 2cm long. (sorry if this is too much info). I'm taking 2 salt baths everyday with lavendar and geranium oils (as advised by midwife)and taking Arnica 200 once a day. My midwife says she thinks I should be restitched but when I saw my GP he advised against it as he thinks there is a very high chance of re-infection. So now I'm left with a deep hole that my midwife says is going to take "weeks and weeks to heal". I'm quite concerned as to how long it really will take and when I'll be able to have sex again and whether it'll hurt.

Are there any other MNetters who have had this happen to them? Can you offer any more advice on helping it to heal?

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wellsie Sun 19-Sep-04 21:37:47

NottsMum, you poor thing. I had an episiotomy which I insisted the midwife checked everyday as I wanted to make sure all was ok down there, luckily it was, but in your case I would perhaps get a 2nd opinion from a GP about being restitched, IME the midwives seem to know best in these situations - I mean, they're looking at them everyday!

Hope you feel better soon.

monkeygirl Sun 19-Sep-04 21:42:52

Ouch. Some of my tear reopened about 4/5 weeks after the birth. I don't think it was quite as much as you but my gp used some kind of 'soldering' pen in the surgery to close the gap up. I would get a 2nd opinion too as you can't go through weeks and weeks of that - it bloody hurts doesn't it!

Shyand Fri 10-May-19 21:57:20

I am going through something similar ..about a three days after I go stitch they loose and it got infected ..I when to the doctor he referred me to emergency to get it restitched and the didn't they clean it and send me home with some antibiotics ..I want to know how long it will take to heal because it is oozing some stuff out ..when I look at it it look clean no bleeding ...but pain when u sit and need to get up .....I am a bit worried about the stuff that is coming out on my pad not a good smell

Kay1341 Mon 13-May-19 08:46:47

I have birth in January. My stitches came out three days after birth and got infected. Make sure you are on the right antibiotics (they should take a swab to check this). It was painful and emotionally stressful at first when the stitches came out but the pain was remarkably better after a week on antibiotics - still very much there but I wasn't so scared of sitting down and going to the toilet anymore. Make an appointment to get checked a week later, and call the doctor if the pain starts getting worse again once you're on antibiotics.

I didn't take baths but instead rinsed mine in the shower, made sure the cut was dry and spent some time 'airing' it without underwear after washes.

I had sex the first time 8 weeks after birth (didn't hurt!) and my partner has said he hasn't even noticed the cut. I can still see it, but it's not very obvious and it's definitely almost healed. It take longer for the cut to heal without stitches but it will be alright again.

Kay1341 Mon 13-May-19 08:47:45

Gave birth * damn autocorrect.

Notrobusta Sat 18-May-19 09:45:49

I had the same apart from the whole thing opened back up and got infected. I was on antibiotics for a month and had to heal from the inside out . They won’t re stitch due to infection. Slowly healed over 4-6 weeks and probably felt completely fine after about 3 months. I used to sit in a salt bath 4 times a day and use a solution of tea tree and whitch hazel soaked onto maternity pad

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