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Most popular PG time line to have LO?????

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BabyMadandBIGbump Thu 02-Aug-07 14:00:19

Thanks ladies.

It's my due date tomorrow and I've asked around about the odds of DC#3 coming ON due date, and it got me wondering when the most popular time line is, I.E- 39+5 or 40+5 and so on, please could you post when you had LO and could you state which DC, thanks again ladies!


Diplidophus Thu 02-Aug-07 14:01:15

both of mine were 39+6!

BabyMadandBIGbump Thu 02-Aug-07 14:03:19

Would be helpfull if I posted my own wouldn't it!

DS#1 was 39+3
DS#2 was 39+6

lulumama Thu 02-Aug-07 14:03:59

DS induced 39 + 1

DD arrived spontaneously on her due date

HenriettaHippo Thu 02-Aug-07 14:06:20

DS1 - 38+2
DS2 - 39+4

bonkerz Thu 02-Aug-07 14:15:32

DS1: 40+4
DD2: 38 but via section.

BecklePhoenixBird Thu 02-Aug-07 14:17:28

DS1: 40+5
DS2: 41+2

Both spontaneous labour, hoping DC3 will not choose to be even later than the other two!

GroaningGameGirly Thu 02-Aug-07 14:18:03

37 + 2
37 + 4

I wasn't ready, but at least I didn't have to wait around, I suppose.

clutteredup Thu 02-Aug-07 14:18:21

ds 40+8
dd1 40+6
dd2 40+1
All were born spot on scan dates, dd2 was a dating scan and was born at 1 am so as near as dammit.

maxbear Thu 02-Aug-07 14:19:43

dd 40+2
ds 39+4

myweegirl Thu 02-Aug-07 14:23:31

DD - 37 weeks exactly

purpleflower Thu 02-Aug-07 14:28:00

DS 41weeks

Peachy Thu 02-Aug-07 14:30:39

ds1 induced 38 weeks
ds2 a week early
ds3 a week late

ds4 (I bet!) on the way, have no way of predivting from that lol

mazzystar Thu 02-Aug-07 14:34:23

ds 38 +1
dd 40+5 elective-ish cs, might have been a lot later

MerlinsBeard Thu 02-Aug-07 14:35:57

ds1 39+6 (ie day before)
ds2 40+4 (4 days late)

madmumof5 Thu 02-Aug-07 14:39:49

dd 41+2
dd 40+3
dd 39+6
ds ontime
ds 39+2

electrongirl Thu 02-Aug-07 15:15:36

DS1 39+1
DS2 40+4

ILoveCheese Thu 02-Aug-07 15:18:47

DC1 40+5
DC2 39+1
DC3 40+1

SlightlyMadSpider Thu 02-Aug-07 15:20:47

DTD1 26+6
DTD2 26+6 (surprisingly!!)
DD3 39+5

annobal Thu 02-Aug-07 15:20:48

DS1 32 weeks
DS2 37 weeks
DS3 41 weeks

NatalieJane Thu 02-Aug-07 15:21:28

DS1 40+5
DS2 41

Both of them were induced.

sAurorhal Thu 02-Aug-07 15:22:53

DS1 bang on time
DS2 3 weeks early

kickassangel Thu 02-Aug-07 15:37:09

dd 5 mins late

JARM Thu 02-Aug-07 15:39:35

DD1 - 39wks )(induced early)
DD2 - 40+4
DC3 - we shall see!!!

alibag Thu 02-Aug-07 15:39:48

DS1 39
DS2 41

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