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Can you have a VBAC home birth?

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Neighboursandnames Sat 03-Aug-19 11:33:42

I'm just wondering if anyone here has been allowed or knows if someone was allowed to have a home birth VBAC?

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stucknoue Sat 03-Aug-19 12:05:11

I suspect it would be highly discouraged, look at birth centres attached to hospitals with full consultant care if needed. Many women do vbac but it's not a given

WishingILivedOnAnIsland Sat 03-Aug-19 12:14:04

This is a terrible idea, please talk to a doctor you trust about the risks involved.

For one, VBAC comes with a significant risk of tearing and haemorrhage which could cost you your life from blood loss before an ambulance can get to you.

This can be managed in a hospital where there is an operating theatre and blood on hand if you need a transfusion.

Youhavewonaprize Sat 03-Aug-19 22:04:15

I don’t personally know anyone who’s done this, but I do know that it is possible and the homebirth team in my area have dealt with HBAC before. Depends how he friendly your area is and your own personal circumstances.

I don’t think they would recommend a hb, but it’s your choice and the mws will always come to care for you regardless of their own opinion/recommendation.

Firsttimekittenowner Sat 03-Aug-19 22:20:10

Yes, I had a home vbac with my 4th baby . It was the shortest and easiest of all my labours and i felt safer at home -i'd had a traumatic experience with number 3 - I had two skilled midwives to myself and had there been any sign of something not right I would've been sent to hospital in an ambulance.

If it's something you want to look into, your best bet would be contacting the supervisor of midwives/ head of midwifery at your trust. Make sure you are well informed of any risks. You cannot be told you're not allowed, it's entirely your choice. There are many hbac groups on facebook, if you're on there.

Runbikeswim Sat 03-Aug-19 22:36:22

I tried for a VBAC and had another emergency section after the scar started to open. I wouldn't try it at home

Charleymouse Sat 03-Aug-19 22:46:13

Absolutely possible. I had a home VBAC with my 3rd pregnancy.
Worth looking at your reasons for your CS and seeing if they are something likely to happen again
Do your reading and get as much information as you can and make an informed decision.
Someone will always give you a potential horror story but there are thousands of positive experiences and the actual risk of scar rupture is very low.
You have 2 midwives focussed entirely on you and your baby and at any sign of anything being untoward they will blue light you to hospital.
Had a wonderful home VBAC and managed with paracetamol. Definitely go for it if you are suitable and think you can manage.

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