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Sharing a positive birthing experience at Chelsea & Westminster

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Magnolia36 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:26:43

Hello there,
I really wanted to share my positive birthing experience at Chelsea & Westminster.
I know in the past this hospital has taken a bit of a battering with negative comments - and after giving birth there last Friday (27th July) - it was so positive I wanted to share my story with other mums.
I am a first time mum and had been really anxious about giving birth at Chelsea and after watching a Panorama programme and even tried to change hospitals (as it was, I was too late in the end).
In the end I went into labour at 1.19am Thursday morning and after my waters broke at 8am - I called the hospital who said come in to be checked. When I arrived I was seen immediately, the first midwife assigned to me was lovely. As my labour progressed, another midwife was assigned, - this second midwife was also lovely, reassuring, informative and so helpful. Soon after, I then had a final midwife change - Emily was student midwife and Doris was an experienced midwife - they then stayed with my partner and I throughout the rest of the labour - they were FANTASTIC!!! During the night, they got a mattress and blanket and pillow for DP to have a little sleep, they explained everything, they were gentle, encouraging and reassuring. In the end I had an epidural, which was arranged almost immediately - again the aneathnitist was brilliant, it worked perfectly and gave me a much needed rest.
Ultimately I needed a c-section - which was a relief!! Doris and Emily were there to hold my hand throughout - along with DP of course!
In the recovery ward - the midwives again were very nice and again in the postnatal ward the midwives that I encountered were kind and helpful. Whenever I rang the bell someone came immediately. They advised with breatfeeding and also helped me change the baby etc the first time - I didn't have a clue!
My only negative would be to say that at certain times of the day the bathrooms can get pretty filthy - so my advice would be to take flip flops and antibactierial wipes.
also if you can get a bed beside the window in the postnatal ward you have a bit more space and privacy.
So that's it - good luck to all those also going to Chelsea - stay positive!

kittypower Fri 03-Aug-07 10:19:45

Congratulations on your new baby! Thank you for your message, i am due to give birth there next week and am also very very nervous after hearing so many bad reports. Your story has made me feel heaps better.

bellabelly Sat 04-Aug-07 12:56:03

Congratulations! And how brilliant to hear a positive story. I'm having my twins there on Wednesday if all goes to plan and it's so lovely to hear that you had a good experience with your labour, c-section and post-natal recovery. Thanks for a reassuring post!

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