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If you’re having a hard time don’t give up and thank you

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Ohmamma30 Mon 22-Jul-19 17:33:38

I haven’t posted a thread on here for a while. The last post was just before I had a break down just before Christmas. I came here looking for positivity as I have very few positive people in my life. I couldn’t bring myself to respond to the kindness I received because it brought me to tears every time I looked back over the messages. It is a good reminder however, of how far I’ve come since Christmas especially when I think things haven’t improved. Life is still a bomb site but mentally I have come so far, something I sometimes forget. I still have toxic people in my life but have found that I recognise when it’s getting too much and have learned to remove myself before I am drained to beyond exhaustion. Having nothing but positivity, especially from people I have never met has restored my faith in people. It has made me be more self assured and not doubt my gut instincts so much. So to anyone who is feeling horribly down and depressed and sad, I have been you, I have sat up all night crying because I never thought I could feel anything other than exhaustion, sadness, failure and uncared for. Please DO NOT think that in some form things don’t or won’t they better because they do!! We live in a world where we are praised for showcasing our fancy shining lifestyles and shunned for saying when we are down, social media etc I’m convinced has a great deal to answer for. Please remember these lives are show and tell lives often enough, we all have hard times, desperately sad times and things we desperately wanted to achieve but haven’t, for whatever reason been able to. All is not lost. Set yourself small tasks, realistic and achievable tasks every day such as getting out of bed before 10am, brushing your hair and cleaning your teeth, even shaving your bloody legs not for a lover but for you. Simply because we all deserve to be able to take care of ourselves. We all deserve to love ourselves a little and feel comfortable in our skin. Please do not think life will get easy overnight because it won’t but please don’t think every single problem you have right now won’t get better. Today is not a life sentence. Keep going, life is difficult for everyone at times but you can overcome hard times. Please believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Thank you to those who have offered me nothing but an ear and piece of mind on my previous threads.

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