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Which tens machine is best?

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LetThePotatoRest Mon 22-Jul-19 15:04:07

Hi all.

I’m looking for a tens machine to help with early labour.

I’m stuck between getting a cheaper one (less than £30) which I’d probably use mainly for labour only or investing in the Kegel8 mother nurture which is for pelvic floor toning afterwards too but costs around £85.

I’m stuck going back and forth on what to do for the best!

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LetThePotatoRest Mon 22-Jul-19 20:55:40

Bump smile

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MissPollyHadADolly19 Wed 31-Jul-19 13:11:52

If I were you I'd just rent one, Elletens is the website (I think!)
It's £27 for 7 week hire and is programmed specifically for Labour, it also has a booster button for when the contraction peaks!
I've not used one myself so not speaking from experience, probably not much helpgrin

AntsMarching Wed 31-Jul-19 13:23:32

You should try one before you take it into labour. I borrowed my friends and found I hated it, so didn't bother with getting one for labour. If you can borrow one, see what the sensation feels like and decide if it's something that wouldn't annoy you. I couldn't stand the feel of it on my skin, and that's when I want in labour.

AntsMarching Wed 31-Jul-19 13:24:12

*wasn't not want. I should really proofread before I post!

blueskiesbrighteyes Wed 31-Jul-19 13:29:23

You can hire one from Boots. I wouldn't bother buying

Heyha Wed 31-Jul-19 13:29:46

I was really sceptical but got a perfect mama tens from Amazon anyway as it was about £30 and thought I'd want all options when labour arrived!

As it happens I was induced but did have odd, close together and strong early contractions in reaction to the pessary so the tens was used then- it was brilliant. BUT one of the leads fell off the lad after a couple of days on the ward using it and because it was Amazon I couldn't send someone out for replacement.

My DP went and got a Boots one for me instead which was better than nothing but there are less graduations on it. Didn't use it for long as then got sent off to deliver with an epidural 🙄

Teddyreddy Wed 31-Jul-19 20:20:38

I bought an Ellen tens one 2nd hand for something like £20 and used it in 2 labours. It worked well for me, there were plenty of power settings and the boast button was amazing - I wouldn't get one without a boast button.

LaurenSarah22 Wed 31-Jul-19 20:30:01

If your buying get a cheaper one they all do the same pretty much. I used Elle Tens and it was amazing.

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