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Birth Partner

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Marty93 Tue 16-Jul-19 11:59:43

Hi all,

Is there anyone else who has a very unemotional (is that even a word??? lol!) partner? He is adamant that the birth of our first baby won't make him cry..... and to be honest I think I believe him because in the 6 years that we have been together I have never seen him even tear up!

I'm not bothered whether he cries or not, but it just made me wonder if anyone else has a partner who didn't cry at the birth? I know I will cry as I can cry at a

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Podemos Tue 16-Jul-19 12:03:22

My husband was absolutely fantastic during the birth and has been an amazing dad and supportive partner to our 4 week old. But he didn't cry. But then neither did I. We were both completely besotted with our new little one straight after the birth- we just didn't cry!

avalanching Tue 16-Jul-19 12:07:12

My DH isn't the emotional type and I don't think he cried at either (definitely not the second time, he was too busy trying to catch the bugger!). But that's not to say it didn't move him, when I posted pictures of him holding our eldest moments after the birth everyone said they had never seen a happier man, his smile was ear to ear! People express themselves differently, my DH doesn't get overwhelmed with emotion like that, but it was still a really special moment.

Twickerhun Tue 16-Jul-19 12:08:26

My DH didn’t cry, I’m not sure it’s really a tearful event more thank fuck it’s safely over...

DeadDoorpost Tue 16-Jul-19 12:09:50

DH was more concerned about me than DS. He didn't cry. I don't think it makes a difference as long as they're supportive.

ncqtime Tue 16-Jul-19 12:13:02

Mine didn't cry. Amazing birth partner the absolute best, great dad and overall great partner, just not a crier.

NotSoThinLizzy Tue 16-Jul-19 12:13:49

Yep no crying here either. Having our 3rd in october and I'm not thinking he will then

Marty93 Tue 16-Jul-19 12:28:59

Haha some of your replies made me chuckle !

Really not bothered if he does or doesn't cry. I think a lot of men can hold themselves together easier than women..

I kind of Secretly would love to see him wipe a tear away just so I can say that I've seen him cry because in six years I just find it unbelievable that I haven't witnessed it lol!

I'm quite an emotional person as I've gotten older, although my mum said I used to have a heart of stone! Deffo not the case anymore as I can cry at almost anything!

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind he will be a fantastic dad - he is so good with our friends children and our nieces. They all are absolutely besotted with him! X

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FairyDust92 Wed 17-Jul-19 03:43:38

I didn't think my DP would cry as he never cries. Once our DS was born he was sobbing so much my mum had to comfort him 🤣 (I would've comforted him but I was being stitched!)

Mintjulia Wed 17-Jul-19 04:41:36

It’s not necessarily a crying event, more an exhausted, thank God everyone is safe, can we all get some sleep now event.
But my ex wouldn’t have cried. no.

Jxtina86 Wed 17-Jul-19 05:02:21

My DH didn't cry either. I didn't think he would and if he had, I would have been very surprised! I cried enough for the both of us though - I'm an emotional person anyway so add in a whole bunch of hormones, whatever drugs they were pumping into me (emergency c section) and being absolutely shattered, it was practically guaranteed I would be sobbing the second I heard and saw DD!

He was a brilliant birth partner though. He spoke up for me when things were escalating and I was too upset to communicate properly and when I burst into tears signing the consent form for the c section, he knew that it wasn't because I was scared or nervous and that they were happy tears that we were about to meet our baby! And seeing him and our DD together melts my heart every time (and we're only 7 days in!)

SockQueen Wed 17-Jul-19 07:04:56

My DH cried, I didn't with either, but I don't really do happy crying (he's still a bit offended that I didn't cry at his wedding speech!)

I work in labour ward, crying is far from universal in either sex. Whatever they do when the baby arrives is always a lovely reaction to see though.

REllenR Wed 17-Jul-19 07:27:04

I cry watching births on tv but didn't come close to crying when my children were born, my husband didn't cry either. It was so surreal!

cheesenpickles Wed 17-Jul-19 07:40:39

My dh didn't cry at the birth of our kids, he didn't cry when we got married either. I didn't see him cry for nearly ten years of knowing him. I didn't mind as he just doesn't cry. He did cry however when we had our dog pts however, it really took me by surprise as well and was hard to see. He's a big softie really just doesn't show it in the "traditional" way. Doesn't mean he doesn't feel those things deeply either.

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