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Big baby advice

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mamarobo Sat 13-Jul-19 08:14:38

Hi, I'm 39 wks & have been told my baby is already weighing around 9lbs. I was told all the risks eg shoulder dystocia, forceps, baby getting stuck, emergency c section etc. The only option I was given was to be induced in a weeks time. I'm worried the baby is only going to get bigger during that time. Should I not have been offered a C Section as I feel more comfortable with this option as I wouldn't be worried all week about pushing out a huge baby and having some sort of complication. I feel like I can't speak to my midwife as she is useless. Im not sure who to ask about this. Should I call the hospital back today to discuss? I feel like it's my baby but I've had no say in anything whatsoever. Advise much appreciated.

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boredpanda84 Sat 13-Jul-19 08:20:46

Has this been on scan? There is quite a discrepancy on scan at this point in pregnancy...your baby could be much smaller (however, could be a bit bigger...but this is less likely). The NICE guidelines actually now say that 'large babies' shouldn't be induced as that itself causes many of the risk factors you mentioned. I would honestly ask to speak to a consultant.

Chista Sat 13-Jul-19 08:21:17

Your midwife should have given you an option of cesarean. I am 28 weeks but my midwife and obstetrician have already had a number of consultations with me regarding options of if my baby will be too big. I am being scanned every 2 weeks for a growth scan, they have put caesarean on the cards already, ultimately its your choice and should have been offered as one due to the risks. Are you midwife led care or consultant led?

That being said, the estimates on the weight of the baby are not always correct. My friend was told her baby was estimating 8 pound something and needed inducing, baby was 6 pounds when delivered.

mamarobo Sat 13-Jul-19 08:21:56

Thank you @boredpanda84 I'm hoping they have it wrong and the baby isn't that big but at this stage I'm not willing to take any risks. I will call today and ask to speak to a consultant.

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mamarobo Sat 13-Jul-19 08:24:31

@Chista hello! I'm midwife led. I'm just a bit annoyed that I haven't been given the option. I'm going to be panicking all week now whereas I wouldn't if I had a scheduled section in place as it's safer I feel.

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boredpanda84 Sat 13-Jul-19 08:30:05

@Chista it isn't in the remit of a midwife to offer caesareans, this has to come from a consultant. If it reassures you, there is often signs in labour if the baby isn't going to fit. You could have an agreement with the consultant that you could try induction with a low threshold for a caesarean if things aren't progressing as they should.

Chista Sat 13-Jul-19 08:31:07

@mamarobo do not take the risk, give the midwife a call, if you don't get anywhere with her, is there a midwife in charge that you could speak to, assuming yours isnt the lead.
It sucks that you have not been given an option.

Chista Sat 13-Jul-19 08:36:30

@boredpanda84 my midwife has already discussed a caesarean option with me, not offered, discussed. She has said that anyone who is at risk of a big baby, they would have had a discussion re caesarean. She has fully discussed the option with me and what the exact procedure would be if it was discovered that the baby was big. I guess it varies from hospital to hospital.

Starrynights86 Sat 13-Jul-19 08:40:18

I was told my first one was going to be well over ten pounds, she was just over eight. I don’t really trust the scans now for estimating weight.

Anothertempusername Sat 13-Jul-19 08:41:04

I was told my baby would be 11lbs and was induced on my due date.

My baby was 8lbs 12. Just ride it out. I don't know anyone for whom the scan "size" was right.

SoBoredOfWaiting Sat 13-Jul-19 08:56:07

I agree with the others OP! My baby was said to be 7lb 8oz... he was born 5lb 12oz 😂
Wishing you all the best for your induction and birth of your baby thanks

twinkletoesl Sat 13-Jul-19 09:07:01

Last year they told me baby was measuring big , I was induced and had forceps delivery ... she weighed 7 pounds and was tiny

mamarobo Sat 13-Jul-19 09:09:09

Thank you everyone I do feel a bit better now. Hopefully the baby isn't as big as they think! X

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Omzlas Sat 13-Jul-19 09:16:26

I was induced at 39 for a 'large, probably 10lb baby'

She was 7lb5oz but she was also long (for a newborn!)

Definitely discuss it though, check through your options

notsosmartagainagain Sat 13-Jul-19 09:30:28

The variation in care and options open to pregnant women across the county is terrifying. My first baby was measuring big, had growth scans every two weeks but was never offered any alternative options. Induction was booked for 41+6 weeks but thankfully baby arrived a few days before of his own accord weighing 9lb 9oz.

Currently 32 weeks and baby is measuring a couple of weeks ahead and projected to be even bigger than the last one. The midwife basically laughed at me when I asked if they would be considering any alternative course of action due to size.

I don't understand how something can be considered too risky for some but absolutely fine for others?

Bridgeofpies Sat 13-Jul-19 09:42:21

Just to give you some reassurance. A big baby isn’t always really hard to deliver.

I recently had a baby boy. He weighed 10lb 6oz (on the 99.6 centile) and was born at home with just a bit of gas and air. I had no idea he was going to be that big so I had no doubt that I would be able to birth him naturally. I think sometimes they overly frighten women with larger babies.

Please try not to panic. Your body has grown this baby and the Midwives will know what to look for should a problem arise. There are positions you can labour in which are better for bigger babies and which Midwives can recommend if they feel baby needs a bit of help.

I understand that it’s scary but your baby may not even be as big as the scan indicates. I didn’t even have any stitches with mine.

I hope all goes well for you!

Chimchar Sat 13-Jul-19 09:42:43

I was told throughout my pregnancy that I was carrying a large baby. Had growth scans, and consultant guessed about a 10lb baby.

He said that he felt my body was able to deliver her without a section.

I had my DD at 41 weeks and she was bang on 10lbs. Quick labour and the easiest of my 3 births.

It's not all horror stories...fingers crossed for you! thanks

1wokeuplikethis Sat 13-Jul-19 09:54:21

I had a 10lb baby- 2 weeks overdue, induced over 5 days, natural delivery, no forceps needed but I did tear and need stitching up.

Second baby was expected to be bigger. Regular growth scans throughout pregnancy, which ended up being pointless as when my due date arrived the doctors said “you’ve had a big baby before, you’ll manage again!”. Went ten days over and was induced again. Much faster this tome but baby was 11lbs. No forceps, no tears.

There was never an option of c-section, but I think that was because I didn’t want one. I never heard that induction was a risk when it comes to big babies but thankfully it didn’t cause any problems for my babies. Maybe I just have a massive fanny.

spaniorita Sat 13-Jul-19 10:19:52

I've had 2 big babies. Ds 1 induced on his due date - induction failed and ended up having c-section 10lbs . Ds2 arrived by planned cs at 38+6 9lb 11oz

Both weights were as expected from the numerous growth scans I had.

notsurewhattotype Sat 13-Jul-19 10:24:30

I was same as you OP but I spoke to consultant and explained concerns about babys size and agreed to give a planned c section.
Babys head was measuring 42 weeks at 38 week scan, he was delivered bang on 39 weeks and weighed 9lbs
If you are worrying speak to your local birth centre

mamarobo Sat 13-Jul-19 10:39:23

@1wokeuplikethis 😂😂 that made me giggle!!

Thank you everyone really appreciate hearing your experiences. I feel lots better now! Still going to speak with consultant just because I feel like they haven't given me all the info I need to feel comfortable (she hasn't even given me a time to go in).

Will update you all x

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DinoEggz Sat 13-Jul-19 10:40:18

My doctor’s main concern was oxygen deprivation. She said if my baby got stuck it might not just be a case of shoulder dystocia etc, it could very well result in permanent mental disability. Plus there could be long term consequences for me such as incontinence. I couldn’t take that risk so opted for a CS.

Heaviestdirtyestsoul Sat 13-Jul-19 10:47:38

I was told my third would be 10lb + based on growth scans and measurements, they kept a very close eye on me due to my seccond weighing 11lb 3oz. I was induced 2 weeks before due date having been warned to expect a huge baby- he weighed 8lbs exactly and was a lovely labour, all pain relief was readily available and I was so calm and relaxed as nothing was left to chance. Not all scans and measurements can predict a large baby, please please dont let the thought of it stress you and ruin the experience for you, hope everything turns out well for you flowers

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