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amniotic fluid...once waters have broken??

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beansontoast Sun 29-Jul-07 11:38:06

...what is it like for th ebaby in there?

my waters broke friday am...not a big gush but dribbly fore?hind? or whatever....and have been dribbling out ever since.

anyway... now i cant stop thinking about teh conditions in there for my litle it as comfy? safe?..will its head be banging on stuff?..does air get in ?or is it a vacuum?

am booked to be induced mon am.

DaisyMOO Sun 29-Jul-07 11:40:01

If they're dribbling then you've probably got most of the fluid still in your uterus, and it is constantly produced so there is probably still plenty cushioning the baby. Hope things get moving soon!

lulumama Sun 29-Jul-07 11:54:04

fluid does replenish if it is a hindwater will be absolutely fine..if it leaked rather than gushed, probably hindwater

beansontoast Sun 29-Jul-07 12:02:21

thanks you two

fawkeoff Sun 29-Jul-07 12:04:00

have u spoke to a midwife about it ????????

MarsLady Sun 29-Jul-07 12:18:28

You'll be fine! Hope things start moving for you before the induction.

beansontoast Sun 29-Jul-07 12:18:30


why so many question marks?

fawkeoff Sun 29-Jul-07 12:51:08

lol sorry just a habit with the ?????. i would ring the maternity ward and see if you need to be seen to check which waters have gone.some hospitals like to see you if ur waters have been broken for more than 24 hours without actually startingg labour{mine do anyway......was being induced same time a lady was in with waters being broke for more than 24 hours)

DaisyMOO Sun 29-Jul-07 12:55:17

beans said she was due to be induced on Monday, presumably because her waters have gone. NICE guidelines recommend waiting up to 96 hours before induction if waters go without the onset of contractions, so hospitals wiht guidelines which induce after 24 hours aren't evidence based.

fawkeoff Sun 29-Jul-07 12:57:37

right well my hosp obviously just does as it pleases then.....missed the due to be induced thing im a bit blind without my gigs on.................good luck with the baby anyway

VeronicaMars Sun 29-Jul-07 13:05:05

Beansontoast my waters broke like that on a Friday morning, not a gush but enough to go through lots of maternity pads TMI sorry. I rang the hosp and was asked to come in, they monitored the baby for 20 mins and let me back home. If labour didn't start before it I was told to come in at 8 the following day to be induced. Were you booked in to be induced anyway? Have you rand the hospital to tell them your waters have broke?

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