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due today and have been having 'false starts' - normal?

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glittercaz Fri 27-Jul-07 14:33:55

Hello all,

Wisdom of mumsnet ladies would be most appreciated. Despite being convinced I would go into labour before the magic 40 week mark, here I am and still no baby! I realize this is very common for first time mothers....over the past week I've had a couple of evenings (including last night) where I develop period pain and backache and have various BH type contractions and sharp pains up the fanjo etc! Each time I think 'is this it?' but then after a few hours (usually when I go to bed) the pains go away. Have had no show or waters leaking or anything like that either...

I've been told by GP/various friends that it's the body's way of 'gearing up', but I'm wondering if this is a good sign things will happen sooner rather than later? REALLY don't want to wait another fortnight! Anyone experience this/similar just before the real deal? xxx

pointydog Fri 27-Jul-07 14:37:10

I didn't have this at all with dd1 but did have back pain and BH with dd2.

doesn't necessarily mean something's going to happen today but yes, your body's gearing up - good luck!

Klaw Fri 27-Jul-07 14:40:33

It's all very normal but who knows how long it will take before labour starts properly.

You might find this link useful for getting through the early stages.

Stay strong and let us know if you need extra support!

glittercaz Fri 27-Jul-07 14:41:13

I just want it to be soooooon! Am trying all the natural induction methods too...

Anyone else? xxx

lilylilyrose Fri 27-Jul-07 15:38:55

Hi glittercaz - was just about to post a thread asking exactly the same question! I'm a first-timer too, 39+1 today. I've been having just the things you describe - strong BHs, back pain etc in the evenings - for the past week or so. I saw my midwife this morning who says it sounds like pre-labour: not the 'real thing', but it means my body's doing lots of work to thin the cervix, get baby in a good position etc.

She couldn't tell me how much longer it's going to be though!

Take heart from the fact that SOMETHING is obviously happening - you're in the warm-up stages! It really won't be long now

Tiggerish Fri 27-Jul-07 15:42:16

sorry to put a downer on things but I had this for 3 weeks before dd finally arrived 10 days late. all the labour inducing tricks made it far worse so i gave up on all that and it calmed down.

foxybrown Fri 27-Jul-07 15:43:42

sounds exactly like what happened to me - bad news is I was 12 days late. The good news is that all my false starts meant I got to 6cm dialated before labour actively started!

so, its all for the good. try to stay positive, and good luck

Klaw Fri 27-Jul-07 16:26:23

Patience is a virtue!

Trying to encourage a baby who is not ready to come out yet just tends to lead to frustration, exhaustion and the risk of an instrumental or CS delivery.

I wouldn't focus too much on natural methods until you are over 41wks and are looking to fend off the HCPs! If you try too hard too soon it just won't work and leaves you demoralised.

Better to wait another fortnight than rush in and risk trauma where it's not warranted.

Stay strong

glittercaz Fri 27-Jul-07 17:36:25

I'll try! Thanks for all your wise words...I'll keep you posted...good luck to you also lilyrose! xxxx

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