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I am experiencing preterm labour - anyone been through it?

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bgui Tue 18-Jun-19 08:19:55

Hello all.

Today is day 6 in the hospital for me and I am 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow. 6 days ago I went into pre term labour and I was 2cm dilated and was having active contractions, they were able to stop them fully yesterday thank god.

I am on the mend and I am looking to go home in the next few days as baby is ok now.

I asked the doctors and nurses, does me going through this and being dilated etc then give me a high chance of having an earlier baby. Nobody could really answer me so I was wondering, has anyone else been through preterm labour and still delivered before due date for example?

I am worried that if I do something too strenuous at home or even bend over funny.. that I will end up in labour again now. I know it varies for each woman and pregnancy, it'd just be nice to hear
Others stories as I am quite unsettled and scared.

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MissKatyKat Wed 19-Jun-19 19:23:12

Hi @bgui
I don't think I can be of much help because as you say every labour is different but I've recently been through something a bit similar. I had a serious miscarriage scare at 18 weeks, as in I was in serious pain on the bathroom floor calling an ambulance. Turned out baby was laying ridiculously low and putting pressure on my cervix which had dilated to 1cm. I was kept in hospital for 2 days but basically told to try not to worry and to carry on as normal. Over the following weeks I felt fine in myself apart from feeling like baby was still laying extremely low. I gave birth a week ago at 33+2 after starting to slowly dilate 2 days earlier. There is no reason for it and there was another lady on my ward whose contractions had been stopped at 29 weeks and she then hadn't given birth until nearly 41 weeks, so it really could go either way. However it turns out though, your baby will be given the very best care. My son was a healthy 5lb 2oz and is doing well in hospital at the moment. I know it's easy to say but please do try not to worry. I hope I've been of some help. Message me if you want to at any point. Good luck! xxxx

mumofone25 Fri 21-Jun-19 10:09:00

Hi, I went in to premature labour with my first DC at 27 weeks. Had to have the steroid injections for her lungs. Was kept in hospital until contractions stopped and then sent home on strict instructions to just rest. She was born naturally at 39+4.

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