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Am I in labour - Anyone up?????

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Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 02:28:44

I know this is a long shot at 2.25 but would like someone else's opinion please?

I am 39+3 and woke up at 12.30 with very stong BH pains in my tum and a sharp pain in my lower back. Thought I was dreaming I was in labour so got up and couldn't work out if I needed to go to the loo (sorry if TMI) or not.

Have been getting these pains now every 6 to 8 minutes....Should I put my tens machine on? wake up DH or just wait it out a while longer and see if they dissapear?

Any advice greatly appreciated...don't want to cause a fuss unneccessarily but haven't had the backache pains before!

Oh and my waters haven't broken!

MotherFunk Wed 25-Jul-07 02:43:40

Message withdrawn

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 02:47:11

Thanks for being up Motherfunk...pains are not too bad.. kind of feel like I have to bend over when one comes on.

Have decided against tens for now and think I'm going to go for the bath route...

MotherFunk Wed 25-Jul-07 02:49:22

Message withdrawn

grouchyoscar Wed 25-Jul-07 02:51:58

Sounds like it's game on

Don't worry, contact the midwives at the delivery suite and warn them, they'll also be able to give advice.

Your waters may not break for a while yet. mine didn't until 2 hrs before delivery.

All the best with it

grouchyoscar Wed 25-Jul-07 02:52:28

and get a bath if you can

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 02:57:12

Thanks guys...back seems to be hurting more than anything right now and tummy is going like a steel ball!

Going to take a bath and then call hospital.

Thanks again

MotherFunk Wed 25-Jul-07 03:02:08

Message withdrawn

MKG Wed 25-Jul-07 03:09:09


I'm in the US and it's only 10 pm here so if you need some support I'll be around.

Try to relax as much as you can.

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 04:33:11

Thank you all...I spoke to the hospital who told me to hold out till they are either too painful to handle or are 3-5 minutes apart!

So, I'm sitting on my gym ball having taken two paracetamols and just waiting!

Just hope this isn't a false alarm...

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 05:25:10

Any news sweetie?

<<do you think she's gone in?>>

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 05:36:55

I'm still here...still bouncing on my ball!

Contractions are around 5 - 6 minutes apart but still bearable. Just reading tips on 'how to cope with labour' on the net!

I actually don't feel too bad right now so want to stay at home (I have a real fear of hospitals!)...Just keep thinking that now its started I don't want them to stop...want to see my LO!!!!

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 05:39:52

Awww!!!!!! That's lovely! I remember the first bit of labour when I was still posting on's so exciting isn't it! Yes, LO will be here very soon.

It's really good that they're getting closer together, bouncing is briliant, helps put the right kind of pressure on the cervix.

Is it still more backache than front? Might mean baby is back to back. Don't worry, mine was, and it was over in doesn't necessarily make things worse!

Have you woken DH?

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 05:41:01

...and yes, stay at home or wherever you are most relaxed for as long as poss!!!

It really helps progress if you're relaxed.

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 05:45:17

Aww thanks Flightattendant....I am kind of excited (well in between the pain that is!)

Pain seems to start at the back and works its way to the front but def more towards the back.

I did wake DH but sent him back to bed..actually don't mind being on my own right, I have the dog for company

We are not far from the hospital so want to leave it as long as possible really.

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 05:52:03

That's great...jsut stay put as long as you feel you're coping. Glad dog is there to help

Is it your first baby? Ooh! I'm jealous it sounds as if it's all systems go. He or she will be here very soon.

Now what would Lulumama say? <<racks brains>> Wish I was a doula or something useful, but I am here and thinking of you!

Wake up, Lulu!!! We need you!!

<<FA sends MFO good birthing vibes>>

Oh that's it, keep emptying your bladder if you can, it helps...stay mobile...clean the, that's not it...

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 05:56:52

Oh bless you Flightattendant! The vibes are working just fine!

I hope it is all systems go...would be so bitterly dissapointed if it all stops now!

Feel really uncomfortable when I get up off the ball, just wish it was a space hopper so I could be a little more mobile!

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 06:01:43

LOL!! Yes maybe not that mobile!!

You are doing just fine. Amazed you're still posting! It's really nice to see a proper labour with continuous contractions, none of the usual faffing around

It all augurs well! It doesn't matter that your waters haven't gone yet. Often it doesn't happen till later on.

Don't worry about posting if it gets too much, we'll be deluged in a minute when everyone gets up and we'll all be thinking of you!! (I stopped when mine were about 3 mins apart, came back to find a whole thread had gone on while I was giving birth, it was wonderful!)

Keep relaxed, keep moving...won't be long...

benandalex Wed 25-Jul-07 06:11:38

i was like that with ds2 make sure u take ball to hospital i made the mistake of not taking the ball i found it great and regret not taking it with me now

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 06:13:31

I think they have balls at the hospital but have got rather attached to mine now!

Okay, here's a question...Just went to pee and theres a slight pinky colour when I that a show do you think?

benandalex Wed 25-Jul-07 06:16:10

sounds like a slight show thats what happned with ds2 and felt as if i needed to go to the loo for a wee all the time as if i was getting cyctitis or infection if that makes sense

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 06:17:56

Yup sounds like it could be a show. Wow things are really kicking off then!


<<FA dances round the living room>>

<<MFO doesn't>>>

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 06:18:33

How far apart now, MFO?

Myfairone Wed 25-Jul-07 06:34:33

I seem to be averaging between 4-5..I'm using, its great because you just have to hit the space bar at the start and end of contraction and it times it all for you.

Still got a lot more pain in the back than the front though

flightattendant Wed 25-Jul-07 06:38:14

If baby is back to back, it might mean that labour is a bit slower to progress...though it sound like it's progressing pretty darn well !

Besides which baby often will turn sometime during labour. Don't worry. There is a trick to turn them during labour which I can't remember, to do with lying on different sides etc. for a certain number of ctx...Oh Lulu wherefore art thou!?

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