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it could be it... or not! looking for partners for contractions!

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jabuti Mon 23-Jul-07 17:06:43

hi all! i had a sweep today and im 4 cm dialated. contractions are coming and going, getting a bit stronger in the last hour... i would love to see her soon!

anyone out there with contractions too?

wildwoman Mon 23-Jul-07 17:08:28

no but good luck!

beansontoast Mon 23-Jul-07 17:54:51

me neither...but just had a whoosh of exitement for you

lulumama Mon 23-Jul-07 18:11:22

oh wow !!!

not contracting here, but am sending good strong dilating vibes your way ,sweetheart xx

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 23-Jul-07 18:33:34

Good Luck, you will see her soon by the sounds of it. Sorry did my last bout of contractions 9 weeks ago, feeling them for you though, Ouch!!!!

CaraLondon Mon 23-Jul-07 18:44:05

Best of luck!

Just had a sweep a couple of hours ago and have had mild contractions for the last hour and a half.

MarsLady Mon 23-Jul-07 18:45:15

Eat, drink, wee and rest darling.

Sending birthing vibes.

<<Mars settles down with trashy novel>>

Klaw Mon 23-Jul-07 20:03:18

no contractiosns for me, I'm afraid, got to get dp to agree to ttc first

but I can make some scones, bring out the lavendar oil and sit with you.... along with Lulu, Mars et al!

Mrsjaffabiffa Mon 23-Jul-07 21:18:30


jabuti Sun 29-Jul-07 13:43:20

hello all!

that was my first and last post about contractions, Lara was born at 2h30 am last tuesday . after i posted, the contractions got so bad that i had to lay down, and not long after i headed to the hospital.

our midwife was just excellent, helped us so much all the way through. i was in natural labour until Lara moved around in a way that crushed her umbilical chord and for few minutes her heartbeat went really low. i was fully effaced by then but still only 4 cm dialated. because she is a big baby (4kg/9lb), the midwife had warned me that the contractions would last longer until i was fully dialated and able to deliver. we all decided was better to go for a cesarian than to take our chances with another cardiac stress.

it was the most beautiful thing in my life to hear Lara crying as soon as she was out of me! i havent being apart from her since then, my husband and i are so so so happy!

wishing luck to all mumsnetter out there! thank you all that answered my questions during my pregnancy, specially lulumama

lulumama Sun 29-Jul-07 13:50:40

bless you sweetheart, and welcome to Lara.......glad all was ok, and you coped so well xxxxx

NineUnlikelyTales Sun 29-Jul-07 15:26:45


jabuti Mon 30-Jul-07 18:33:29

thank you ladies

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