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I'm having a planned c section tomorrow for my second baby, what was your experience like ?

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Loudloopy Mon 27-May-19 05:47:52

I'm excited, nervous and anxious all in one go ! It's the oddest feeling knowing when the baby will be born an si just have no idea what to expect at all, what was your experience like ? My first born the birth experience was in one word traumatic, I was induced, laboured, pushed and emergency sectioned, being wheeled to emergency was a blur, terrified and it took away that element of excitement replaced with complete and utter exhaustion and worry. I was then put in recovery birth partners all sent home and I was completely and utterly drugged of my tits and in no fit state to do anything confused I'm hoping that I can enjoy this experience not just birth wise but with confidence of having a newborn

Thanks in advance

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Notthisnotthat Mon 27-May-19 05:54:15

I had a planned section with DD2 after a failed induction and emergency section with DD1. The planned section was great, I had sleep the night before I went in, was second on the list, I still had a birth plan of sorts. I healed easier and without infection. Just a much easier experience. Best wishes to you.

DaisyDaisydoo Mon 27-May-19 06:00:33

I had a planned cs for my second after a traumatic first birth (emergency csection in the end) and It was AMAZING! The only bad bit was the delays caused by other emergencies coming in, which although is very frustrating when you are all worked up and nervous, are totally understandable of course, especially as I had been one of those emergencies a few year before. Just be prepared that you will have to wait, we even had to come back the next day, and anything quicker will feel like a bonus!

Anyway- negatives out of the way- the actual procedure was magical. They played music, chatted to us, we laughed. I heard my baby scream right away (which may not happen with a csection so don’t panic if it doesn’t) and I got to hold him really quickly. After my first birth that was really really important to me and I’ll always treasure it.

It was nothing like the scary hell of my first birth, so don’t worry, it will be an amazing day. In terms of recovery, make sure you have big knickers and take it easy. I found the recovery a bit more challenging 2nd time as I think I was rushing around too much as we had two kids to think about.

Good luck and enjoy!!!

TreesoftheField Mon 27-May-19 06:02:18

Absolutely amazing. Hope yours goes well

howwudufeel Mon 27-May-19 06:02:25

It was plain sailing. I knew exactly what to expect which was all the difference between the emergency section and the elective. Good luck and how exciting for you.

Redken24 Mon 27-May-19 06:05:06

The operation I felt was pretty much the same except I knew I wanted skin to skin. Brought my own blanket that I'd slept with for a few nights.
Knew how to get out of bed without too much bother, knew to take it slow first time out of bed, knew that had to ask for oramorph (which I did whenever I could 😂) buzzed for help more this time - recovery has definitely been far easier with no failed induction or lack of sleep! Good luck 😁

Cannyhandleit Mon 27-May-19 06:08:17

I had a planned section for dc2 after dc1 being an emcs. It was really lovely and relaxed, everyone took time to talk to me, ask me questions, put some music on, it really was a different experience. No complications and home within 24hrs.

PaulHollywoodsSexGut Mon 27-May-19 06:13:41

Just had my third section and operationally it was the best; quick, lovely, and the theatre staff respected my wish for rolling info and were very transparent; like you I had a previous traumatic experience and they respected this.

The most significant thing about CSections 2 and 3 for me? afterpains.

Take all the drugs and don’t be a hero for a moment.

Loudloopy Mon 27-May-19 07:02:17

Ahhhhh these stories are making me so excited that it's not going to be horrible experience, 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 xxxxx so nice to here other stories

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GroggyLegs Mon 27-May-19 07:10:55

My planned section was the happiest day of my life.

First birth was horrible & traumatic.
Second birth was calm, beautiful & took away all the tears & upset away, it was really healing.

We asked them to drop the screen & watched him bring born, and discovered the sex for ourselves, they left the word long so DH could cut it.... Ah I feel emotional just typing about it smile

I hope you have a great birth OP flowers

Orangehandtowel Mon 27-May-19 07:11:25

Planned section was so calm and relaxed.. so unlike my emcs. The staff talked with me more, we laughed and enjoyed it as much as you can laying on an operation table.

My recovery was better too even with another child at home.

Marlena1 Mon 27-May-19 07:15:06

My planned section was the best experience of my life (and I had an ok natural). It's so calm and relaxed. Enjoy it!! Xxx

CocoDeMoll Mon 27-May-19 07:19:34

It was truly a lovely experience smile. I had a gentle c section and the staff were quiet and respectful of a little new life coming into the world. It was so nice from start to finish and they really put your mind at ease in the theatre. The recovery was hard I’m afraid to say. First c section of mine was an easy recovery but the second was painful so just be prepared to take it easy and accept and the meds you’re offered! Enjoy bringing a new little life into the world flowers

TeamEponine Mon 27-May-19 07:20:26

It was great. Very calm and the staff were amazing!

I'd highly recommend getting a Caesarian belt (can find them on Amazon) - really helped to support the scar area afterwards. Made moving around and walking far easier!

Good luck flowers

Pipandmum Mon 27-May-19 07:23:13

My planned section was because my daughter was very big (though not as big as my first) due to genetics and I am a type 1 diabetic. I obviously knew what was going to happen but the difference was my husband had a bad reaction to the new statins he was on and passed out, my daughter had no blood sugar readings at all so was whisked away to NICU. I had forgotten how much pain I was in before and it was awful not having my baby with me. But that had nothing to do with the section itself. I think I took longer to recover than from the first. And of course everything is harder because you have a toddler to deal with as well as a newborn!

MummyOfTwo92 Mon 27-May-19 07:25:35

My planned c sections were not brilliant. First one was better though, the second I was in at 7am, waiting around till 3 o'clock ish. Was in theatre for nearly 3 hours but I was completely unaware till they were about to start the person doing the c section whilst the consultant helped was a trainee. Very emotional and spent the whole time petrified and crying. Once stitched up I was taken in to the recovery room and then although we had told them the anaesthetic would make me very sick they ignored me and I spent ages being violently sick. They tried to keep giving me tablets to stop it but of course I would sick them up. The nurse was trying to tell the consultant I needed the injection to stop it but he didn't listen till later. I was then put on a ward and told not to lift baby but when ever I pressed the buzzer for someone to come and help they didn't come for ages so I ended up getting baby myself. Getting pain relief was a nightmare as well.

I always had said after my first though I would never have another baby at that hospital but unfortunately I didn't have much choice. So I sort of knew the care was going to be rubbish.

That isn't to put you off, that was just one of my experiences. I'm sure everything will go good for you xx

2beautifulbabs Mon 27-May-19 07:33:03

Hi Op

I recently had a planned c section for my second DC

I had an awful first experience with my first DC was induced took hours and in the end had to be delivered via forceps I also suffered a third degree tear and not to mention feeling out of it from all the drugs I'd had. I knew I didn't want to repeat a risk again of going natural and end up with life changing damages.

Anyhow to answer your question I was told to be on ward by 8.30am given the gown and stockings were put on ready as it was a bit of a sitting game there was one other person on ward like me who had a planned c section that day we were both told it would be done providing there were no emergencies the person went before me and I did end up getting bumped back till end of day due to emergencies which as pp have said that can be the worse bit I won't lie emotions do tend to run high maybe it's a mix of hormones mixed in with fears of previous birth etc but when I finally did go through I was put at ease by the theatre staff they were amazing the only thing that hurt me was the needle going in for the spinal block that was uncomfortable aside from that everything else was amazing to be able to hold my DC and be with it and also the recovery wasn't that bad either I was up and walking around by myself 12 hours after.
Good luck op all the best smile

Xiaoxiong Mon 27-May-19 07:50:31

Horrible first birth (days of labour and induction followed by an emcs) was completely erased by second birth by elcs. It was like going to the spa and coming home again with a baby. Yes there was some waiting around but we came prepared and spent the day relaxing (i think I even did a face mask to emphasise the spa nature of the day!!) if it wasn't for the being pregnant part I'd have another tomorrow!

Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 27-May-19 15:25:15

I planned an elective for my second after a horrific experience with my first. Although I did go into labour early so technically it was another emergency section , they gave us all the important to us stuff and it was absolutely amazing.

Dh held me for the spinal and they put the drape as low as they could down my body. All the conversation stopped just as they dropped the drape so we could watch her come out and my voice would be the first one she heard. Delayed cord clamping, then a quick rub down and she was on my chest for skin to skin in about 4 minutes from birth. All the measurements/vit K were done in recovery and we were discharged the following day.

Littleguggi Mon 27-May-19 20:38:49

I've got an elcs on Wednesday and reading these posts have been so reasurring! Thanks for posting and good luck for tomorrow @loudloopy

Boobahs Mon 27-May-19 20:58:31

I had my elective c-section 11 days ago (baby is gorgeous!) after an emergency one (failed induction) 3 years ago.

I have found this one so much easier! I spent 5 days being induced and 24 hours in labour before my first, so was already in lots of pain having been messed with so much. This time I was up and out walking in the park the day after!

You get to sleep in your own bed the night before, have it all explained properly and are not rushed. The surgeons and team in the operating room were great, chatting and laughing away. It was a much more pleasant experience and I'm feeling pretty much back to normal now!

Good luck for tomorrow xxx

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