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Had a show

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yumeymummy Fri 20-Jul-07 12:52:57

Im 40+5 wks pregnant so 5 days over due now. 2 nights ago at 40+3 i had a show of gungy mucus with a bit of blood which came as a big glob and then have had a few little bits over the last 2 days.
Ive had no other signs symptoms, except a few twinges.
Do u think this means labour will happen soon?!?How long after a show did u go into labour?

fannyannie Fri 20-Jul-07 12:53:58

I started getting twinges almost straight away (although they didn't get really painful until 24hrs later - but even then I didn't believe I was in labour LOL).

Mrsjaffabiffa Fri 20-Jul-07 21:45:31

I had a big show with a lot of gluey mucus, and then a little bit more most days for a week until my contractions started. dd was born at 39+5 though so I'm not sure you'll take a week from now.

It's a good sign, your body is preparing for what WILL happen soon. As Klaw would say, you will have a baby, maybe today, tommorow or in a few days but he:she will arrive soon.

Good luck, rest as much as you can. xxx

Klaw Sat 21-Jul-07 11:48:26

you will have a baby, maybe today, tommorow or in a few days but he:she will arrive soon.

<< klaw grins at MrsJ and gives her a big fat hug >>

Yes you will have a baby soon, your body is preparing itself well.

my favourite link for pre and early labour

Don't try to hurry what is going to happen naturally as it can be a recipe for disaster! Remember that sex, nipple stimulation and walking are the best forms of natural encouragment as they work with the body's own hormones.

Also you are not overdue till 42+1 (WHO states that term is between 37 and 42wks, 40 wks is an average term not THE term and that a high proportion of babies actually arrive around 41wks)

There's no hurry! Enjoy your birth when it comes. Will there be a live labour thread? no pressure!

Mrsjaffabiffa Sun 22-Jul-07 12:45:58

<<<Gives Klaw a traditional French greeting, kisses both cheeks>>>

All gone quiet, maybe????????????????


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