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im having a baby today

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busybee987 Wed 22-May-19 04:40:33

Just that really. All being well this little one is being evicted today and no1 bar me and dh know its happening. feel a bit bad that we've lied to r parents but its in their best interests. Keep us in your thoughts please

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Ionlymakegirls Wed 22-May-19 04:45:02

I am also having a baby today. Elective C section..... have had 2 hours sleep, been awake since 1.30.

Good luck. I hope all goes well 😁

Ionlymakegirls Wed 22-May-19 04:46:23

I am also starving...... but think its all in my head 😂

Birdie6 Wed 22-May-19 04:50:54

Best wishes ! And good for you to keep it to yourselves - this is the last bit of privacy you'll have for a while !

BelulahBlanca Wed 22-May-19 05:00:10

Good luck everyone! Let us know how it goes. I’m awake because my naughty baby wanted to come in my bed- your reasons are much more lovely!

busybee987 Wed 22-May-19 05:03:31

awwww ionlymakegirls good luck to you too sweetie. my last time i was feeling v emotional but feeling good so far and slept til 430am so only another 2.5hours til we have to be at hospital.

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Ionlymakegirls Wed 22-May-19 05:05:53


I had an emergency last time..... 11 years ago 😱

Like you we havnt told a anyone, except my parents who have DC1. I feel very much in control, bath, medication and timeto leave.

I wish you all the best......

Alicewond Wed 22-May-19 05:09:59

Good luck, hope you sort things with the family x

FallingStar Wed 22-May-19 05:23:27

How exciting! Good luck to you both. I was the same when I had dd2. Couldn't sleep because I knew what was happening.

KnittingForMittens Wed 22-May-19 06:32:23

I still remember when I had my DS via elective c section. I could not sleep all night that night! I was so nervous I felt ill! Nearly 3 years ago now. Crazy how quick the time goes! Wishing you all the best x

babbi Wed 22-May-19 06:35:25

Good luck to both of you x
please come back and tell us your happy news and confirm you are well x

AuntMarch Wed 22-May-19 06:39:11

Good luck!
I'm jelaous of you both. 34+4 here and so over being pregnant already 😂

New841 Wed 22-May-19 08:38:34

Good luck both! I have one more week to go and SO ready. Not looking forward to missing breakfast ionlymakegirls. I feel your pain!

busybee987 Wed 22-May-19 16:17:04

little boy here. all doing good and well and healthy. parents shocked but took the news in good spirits

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BelulahBlanca Wed 22-May-19 16:17:48

Congratulations OP! Enjoy that little one!

KnittingForMittens Wed 22-May-19 16:21:05

Congratulations hun!

FallingStar Wed 22-May-19 17:20:08

Congratulations! That's lovely news. Glad they took it well xx

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