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Advice needed on ''''''''baby being too big for dates''''' please!

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muppetgirl Fri 20-Jul-07 09:28:15

I knoe I'm being a little neurotic but I had a tramatic birth 1st time round and are really worried about being overdue/induced.

(ds was 11 days late, induced, epidural, episiotomy, ripped anyway, ventouse, 9lb 1oz, 27 hours, pnd after)
Can I just ask some advice?

What I am concerned about

edd given
1st scan 27th Oct
2nd scan 29th Oct
3rd scan 5th Nov

discrepancy of 10 days

My 20 week scan shows dates out by 2 weeks (average)
Edd should be 2 weeks earlier?

My 24 week growth scan shows dates out by 2 weeks sonographer said baby was on larger side of average.

2 weeks earlier is 22nd Oct

If you take the 1st date as being the edd then being ‘overdue’ is taken from then.

But if you take the growth scan dates being ‘overdue’ will be from 22nd

So, having been 11 days overdue with ds 1 and having to be induced I could, this time, have a big baby or have the wrong dates…

How do you work out how (if) overdue you are?

Thank you

lillypie Fri 20-Jul-07 09:44:34

I wouldn't worry too much at this stage.I had this all through my pregnancy and at my growth scan they said I was 5 weeks ahead and would probably be having a 12lb+ baby.
However,the baby's growth slowed down after this and by the end of the pregnancy I was back in the normal range.
She eventually weighed 8lb 10.5oz.

Nemo2007 Fri 20-Jul-07 09:48:28

ith Ds I was always told he was 1wk bigger and he went over by 15days and weighed in at 9lb1oz.
With both my girls I was told they were HUGE babies and would each way over 12lbs and I would need a c section etc etc. That was from scans and from MW measuring. When they were born both of them were a diddy 6lbs 14ozs!!

toomanyballs Fri 20-Jul-07 10:08:58

HI, are you able to use the old method of dating from the date of your last period. My edd dates were always been exactly the same and ds3 was born 5 1/2 weeks early at 5lbs 10oz. Ds1 was always going to be big (9lb 2oz 10 days late)but this did not change the due date given at my scans. I think the age of the baby is more important than the size, even though ds3 was big for a premie has was not cooked and had to be in an incubator, the full term baby ( 4lb 11) next to him was fine. I would suggest a good chat with midwife or Doctor to stop you stressing if nothing else. I know its hard to stop worrying after a bad experience but I think you will know what to do and how you feel end Oct/beg nov. Look at homeopathic remedy Caulophyllum (spelling?) as an alternative to induction.

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Fri 20-Jul-07 10:14:43

agree with last two posters.
ds1 was measuring "bang on dates" and was 10 days late weighing 9lb 3oz
dd was measuring 4 weeks ahead was 8 days late weighing 8lb 5lb.

They cant accurately tell. The edd is just that. Two weeks before or two weeks after is totally normal. They should actually have an estimated due MONTH!

Its hard I know, but try not to get hung up on the date or the size, undue worry wont help your prgnancy or labour.

Good luck!

muppetgirl Fri 20-Jul-07 10:15:57

thanks tmb
Last tine I was on implants to stop my periods due to endometriosis and had no period to date from so had to go from the scans. (I was lucky to have got pregnant so soon!)

This time I (stupidly I know) didn't think about lmp dates and remembering them. I miscarried at 14 weeks before christmas and really didn't think it would happen so soon again.

He's healthy and I am grateful for that, I'm just worried about his entrance into the world based on last time.

The midwife seems more interested in checking my feet than what is going on in my head!!

edam Fri 20-Jul-07 10:18:57

Gertie's right, normal length of pregnancy is 38-42 weeks. And scans are routinely out by + or - 10% - can even be up to 20%. Measuring is even more inaccurate.

So try not to get too hung up about it. Especially as even the midwives can't work out when you are due! Try old fashioned method of last menstrual period.

If you do go 'over' you can refuse induction, you know, and ask for monitoring instead. So you'll know if baby is still OK or if there is a reason why s/he needs to come out quickly.

muppetgirl Fri 20-Jul-07 10:25:44

Just booked an app with the dr that saw me through my pnd and miscarriage

next available one is 4th sept.....

I can see other doctors but she is the only lady dr and I trust her!

Thanks for the advice

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