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Undecided birth plan at 34 weeks

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cds5163 Sun 19-May-19 05:58:07

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second son and I can't decide on whether to get a c section or have a natural birth. My first son was an emergency c section. He was small for date so I was induced. I was prepared to have him naturally but now I am psyching myself out this pregnancy. I am scared about the pain and I'm cringing at my vagina tearing or worse my urethra and perineum. My doctor also said there's a risk of tearing my c section incision as well. With my first pregnancy i had anxiety about having a c section being cut open but I overcame the pain without drugs to help my pp recovery. For those who have had both c section and vaginal delivery, which was more painful to you?

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HigaDequasLuoff Sun 19-May-19 06:30:56

I did a VBAC and the vaginally delivery definitely took a lot less recovery. It's no picnic looking after a baby while recovering from major abdo surgery. However the risks with CS are more predictable - no one can tell you whether you will tear if you go for VBAC and some women do get permanent damage. My VBAC nearly ended in emergency CS anyway although in the end that wasn't needed - but whichever you choose I just mean don't set your heart on it too firmly. Your baby won't read your birth plan and may do something that means the opposite choice has to happen anyway.

Pain wise the CS is also more predictable - obviously you don't feel a thing between the spinal block being administered and wearing off after you are sewed up, but you will definitely be in some pain - which may or may not be managed well with drugs - for weeks after. VBAC totally unpredictable - obvioisly some pain during labour, how much depending on anaesthetia choice. Possible that afterwards there's nothing worse than a little bruising and tenderness which subsides quite quickly, if you are lucky.

I honestly can't advise either way but hope these thoughts are useful.

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