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41 week pregnant and mothers drinking problem!

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Ljbleah Sun 12-May-19 12:40:03

I’m 41 weeks pregnant and my mother is supposed to be in the delivery room with me but she continues drinking alcohol constantly, I live with her too so it’s difficult. I’m afraid when I’ve had my baby her drinking addiction will continue, I’m unsure what to do about the situation, I would love my mother to see her grandchild been born but I don’t want her drunk when I give birth 😭

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SockQueen Sun 12-May-19 13:37:32

If she's really drunk the midwives probably won't let her in with you, if you tell her that is she likely to get her act together? You should probably prepare to either give birth alone or have another birth partner on standby though.

Living together long term doesn't sound like a great idea, and if you can't trust her not to drink obviously you can't let her look after your baby alone. Can you talk to your midwife/HV about this? They may be able to point you towards some support.

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