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Anyone gone into labour with a toddler in tow?

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HoustonBess Fri 10-May-19 11:37:59

Almost 40 weeks. Getting a bit nervous about having DD (2) in my own/out and about in case I go into labour, but maybe my body wouldn't be so stupid?

Has anyone gone into labour while in sole charge of a toddler, and how did you manage it? It'd take DH 1hr to get home to me from his office...

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kikibo Fri 10-May-19 18:12:48

Me. I was in charge of my 15mo DD. I'd sent my husband to work Bec I wasn't sure things had really kicked off...

She's a very quiet girl though and she didn't walk or crawl so that was a bit of luck.
I gave her breakfast on the floor and told husband to come home when my midwife said I was 6-7 cm.

Was all fine. Contra started at around 6 am though, so we didn't go out.

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