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Advice needed!

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littlethings1234 Fri 03-May-19 10:12:41

Ok so long story short I'm 39 weeks exactly and I've been having to have regular growth scans. My recent scan suggests that babies growth may have plateaued so I've been given 2 options. The first is induction (cervix currently too high for sweep), the second is to go in each day for ctg and monitoring of movements. Not sure what to do for the best and hate that the responsibility of this decision is being left to me really. I would never forgive myself if I didn't opt for the induction and something turned out to be awfully wrong but at the same time I'm worried about induced labours being longer, more painful and at higher risk of intervention. Would anyone be so kind as to share their experiences please? For context this is baby #4. First two natural spontaneous labours at 38/39 weeks no issues, third labour following sweep at 38+5 - forceps delivery.

Thanks all in advance!

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