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Did your early labour contractions feel different to Braxton Hicks?

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chipperchop Thu 18-Apr-19 23:58:58

Everything I read online says that you’ll know it’s early labour if the contractions increase in frequency and intensity, whereas Braxton Hicks won’t... That’s all well and good, but doesn’t help me when I’m feeling the first few twinges and am wondering “is this it?!”

So, does early labour contractions actually feel any different to Braxton Hicks? Or do I just need to wait and see every damn day?

Also, did anyone get hot flashes in early labour? <sweats>

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mummmy2017 Fri 19-Apr-19 00:02:34

Labour is a tight squeeze like when you need the loo real bad. Think period pains but longer , harder

Smotheroffive Fri 19-Apr-19 00:06:56

I boiled with contractions and froze in between, it was like someone turning a furnace on and off.

This never happened for me with BH though.

BH would bring me to a standstill in last week's, but actual labour far more powerful and take breath away but then I never bothered with early stages and always jumped straight into active

Sculpin Fri 19-Apr-19 00:12:46

My early labour contractions felt just like BH. But then they got more frequent and more painful and developed into labour just as you describe. Good luck OP!

AwdBovril Fri 19-Apr-19 00:17:01

I had 2-hourly BH for weeks then suddenly went into labour. It felt pretty similar, except than whereas the BH had merely felt tight, the labour contractions hurt as well. I knew immediately that something was different.

Smotheroffive Fri 19-Apr-19 00:26:45

...but wasn't painful I should have said, but over-whelming, bh weren't.

chipperchop Fri 19-Apr-19 13:33:28

Good to know that actual labour contractions do feel a bit different! Not much going on here... hopefully one day soon!

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Smotheroffive Fri 19-Apr-19 13:36:31

Ooo, yes...exciting times! Hope to hear something happening soon wink

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