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Low Transverse lie at 31 weeks

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lou031205 Fri 13-Jul-07 14:09:28

Hi guys, went to my midwife today, who said that baby is still transverse. I know they wait until 36 weeks before they send you to the consultant, but midwife mentioned that it "is unusual to hear the heartbeat so low at this stage".

Basically, she has to put the probe right down in my groin to get the heart beat, so baby is basically lining my pelvis, as low as it can go.

Does anyone know if this is an indication that the baby is unlikely to move? (Baby was in this position at 20 week scan - had to go back for follow-up because they couldn't see everything).

Have resigned myself to a possible section, and am not concerned, although my ideal is/was a home water birth. I suppose I'd rather get my head around a section sooner rather than later, if it is going to be likely.

fingerwoman Fri 13-Jul-07 14:16:10

you have tons of time for baby to move. my first was transverse at 34 weeks, then breech, then transverse, then head down ad nauseum lol
I had a sore tummy I can tell you!
anyway, he did end up head down and we had a natural delivery

coppertop Fri 13-Jul-07 14:23:45

There is still plenty of time for the baby to move around. Dd was in a similar position at the 20wk scan. Like you I had to go back for another scan because they couldn't get all the measurements they needed. She was breech for ages and then transverse at around 37 weeks. I was told that if she hadn't moved by 38wks I might have to go into hospital early but thankfully she moved and no c/s was needed.

lou031205 Fri 13-Jul-07 20:34:45

thank you for replies - think that I was so set on quick discharge 1st time round (and got it - home same day) that I don't want my overriding emotion around the birth of this baby to be disappointed. So I kinda set myself up for worst case, so that I am just delighted if I do get my dream birth!

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