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GD? Big baby scenario

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Boris100 Mon 08-Apr-19 07:55:29

So I'm 33 weeks, baby is estimated to be 6lb7 already, previous growth scan at 30 weeks estimated weight at 4lb11. So he's putting weight on very steadily. They've taken bloods to test for TORCH and parvovirus. I've got a repeat GTT tomorrow, one at 28 weeks was clear.

Now previous babies were

#1 8lb13 40+5 and
#2 9lb6 38 weeks.

#2 had low blood sugar but didn't need intervention, they just kept checking him, he was born by c-section. Now I'm thinking maybe I did get GD late onset with #2.

I will be having a elective section with this one, and have my consultant appointment in 2 weeks, are they likely to do section early?

Anyone had similar experiences? Thanks

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Boris100 Mon 08-Apr-19 12:39:34


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OneMoreWish Mon 08-Apr-19 21:25:00

Hello I had GD with first pregnancy and had an elective c section at 39+5 weeks.

Scans showed baby would probably be a heavy nine pound something when born - he was actually 11 pound 10 ounces!!

Don't think they do c sections early if can help it as they want baby and all organs to develop as long as poss in womb to avoid needing time in nicu if possible.

That said I was told if labour starts I would just come in early and have 'emergency ' c section.

Good luck xx

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