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25 weeks...

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tuppy Thu 12-Jul-07 17:10:49

Just heard that a close friend has had her ds2 at 25 wks gestation. Doing well akaik but birth was just 24hrs ago, so early days. I don't know the weight but dh told me friend's dh said it was "OK" for that gestation.

What I would like advice on is, what can she expect ? Just want to give her some support really and understand a bit of what she's going through with a baby so small (all mine were full term and boringly uneventful).

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 12-Jul-07 17:16:12

no experience, but bumping this for you.

Hope the LO is OK and comes thorugh this fighting. It must be such a worry for your friend and her DH.

twoplusone Fri 13-Jul-07 18:39:34

hope everything is ok..

My dh cousin had her ds at 25weeks 11 years ago and all is fne with him.

mymatemax Fri 13-Jul-07 18:58:46

Hi my ds2 was born at 28 wks, so not quite so early, but tough enough for us all.
When he was born the nurse in SCBU said, be prepared to get to know us as you will be here for a few months, you & he will have good days & bad. Be prepared for him to get worse before he gets better, you may need visitors & support he needs peace & quiet just get the balance right.
She was right, he suffered complications & set backs but thanks to the care & skill of the DR's & the most wonderful nurses he came home before his due date.
BLISS offer great advice & can help with all sorts of info.

tuppy Fri 13-Jul-07 19:08:19

Thanks for these is just frighteningly early really, there were no indications this was going to happen but perhaps my friend will find out more soon as to possible causes. Her ds1 is only 18m and she was in the middle of a really busy spell at work, etc., so they are all a bit stunned tbh.

Good to hear about the 11yo though !

mymatemax Fri 13-Jul-07 19:12:18

I was the same work wise, very buy period had loads of stuff in the diary & hadn't started the handover to my maternity cover. DS1 was 3 at the time.
Hope all goes well for your friend & her little boy.

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