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Doula for VBAC- what if I've left it too late?

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pendulum Thu 12-Jul-07 16:40:34

Hi there,
I (along with lots of other MNetters at the moment it seems!) am wrestling with the VBAC/ repeat CS dilemma. Have changed my mind several times. 10 weeks ago I was in touch with a top-notch local doula and nearly hired her, but then had a wobble and told her I was going to have a CS.

Now, at 30 weeks, I seem to be changing my mind but many of the doulas in my area are booked up. Am getting worried that my dithering will mean I have to go for the section as I am not confident to try for the VBAC without support (in addition to DH- who is terrified by the thought of scar rupture).

Have several questions:

- those of you with successful VBACs, how did you manage without a doula?

- would a trainee doula who doesn't have any experience of VBAC be able to give me the necessary level of support (e.g. to monitor me effectively if I stayed at home without continual EFM)

- are there any other options?

many thanks in advance


lulumama Thu 12-Jul-07 16:45:07

you can have a look on and use the find a doula service..and email or call ones local to you...if they can help, they will

where are you ?

lulumama Thu 12-Jul-07 16:46:49

get back in touch with the origional doula, you never know !

i had my mum and best friend with me for my VBAC, and their support meant so much..some female empathy and support, for when it got tough, and knowing they had been through it themselves, i beleived them, when they told me i could do it..i laboured at home for 15 hours...with them and DH s support

also, get clued up about VBAC, and why you had a section last time, to ensure any decisions yu make are informed ones

pendulum Thu 12-Jul-07 16:50:53

thanks lulumama, thought you might come along but tht was quick!

Am using doula uk to contact all the local doulas and trainees but they are either booked up or not getting back to me at the moment (there is apparently a baby boom going on this month so imagine they are all attending births or sleeping it off)

CS last time was for breech so after (lots of ) reading I understand my chances are good.

IIRC you are a doula or trainee- what is your view on ability of less experienced doula to effectively monitor VBAC and spot any warning signs?

lulumama Thu 12-Jul-07 16:55:51

am a trainee doula...but VBAC is my specialist subject, as it were

firstly, a doula is not there to monitor you, or to do anything clinical....signs of scar rupture can be picked up by someone who knows what to look for, and definitely by a midwife.

the odds of rupture are really quite small, but obviously it is a risk..but for me, it was a risk worth taking.

there is a good article by mary cronk about signs of scar rupture. will try to find it.

the main role of a doula, for a VBAC, is to keep you strong and supported when you are in the throes of it, to gently remind you of the end goal of labour....

did you labour at all with your breech, or straight to elective?

i think virtually any doula would be able to support you, as it is the continuity of care, the support before, during and after labour the that is key

a doula works with you before the birth,to know your birth preferences , hopes and fears and communicate those to the care giver, and to protect you when you are vulnerable

so in some ways , a doula would not need VBAC experience per se, to give you those things...IFYSWIM

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