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Can anyone tell me about the Birth Choices Clinic?

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RingOfAppreciation Tue 26-Mar-19 09:42:46

Hi there,

Currently 32weeks with DC2, and I’ve been referred to the Birth Choices Clinic by one of the registrars I’ve seen, and I’ve no idea what to expect.

For my first birth in 2017, at my 40week appointment I was measuring 4 weeks behind, so was induced the next day. 4 long, miserable days later, they could finally break my waters and put me on the drip, and 10hours later DC1 arrived, hand up by their face. I didn’t have to have instruments or an episiotomy, but I did end up with a 3a tear that healed well and I’ve not had problems with it since.

I’m consultant lead primarily because I have a thyroid issue, which is well controlled, and DC1 was 8lb3 so the registrar at 28 weeks wanted to discharge me back to midwife only care. I asked if this meant I could go to the MLU (which is attached to the hospital) to be told no, they want me on the labour ward because of my previous tear. I questioned why as I’d been told that the reason I tore so badly was due to the position of DC1 and the fact that the arm was up and that it hopefully wouldn’t happen again. The registrar then said “oh is this because you want a water birth, because the tearing will be much worse if you do” - I don’t necessarily want a water birth, but I don’t want to rule out labouring in the water, or in the frankly much more calm environment of the MLU. Her response was to book me an appointment at the Birth Choices Clinic.

Has anyone been to one of these clinics and can shed any light on who the appointment will be with, what will happen etc.?

Thanks in advance!

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JimJamJarmusch Thu 28-Mar-19 11:40:00

Bumping because I want to know too! I have one of these booked for 30 weeks. My midwife told me it's "just a chat", I think to decide what you want to do. I had a c-section last time as DD was breech (planned, then went into labour early , so technically an emergency). I think it's to talk over whether I want another c-section or want to try natural.

So I think it's just to discuss what might be the best option and why. But I haven't actually been yet, so if anyone out there has had one of these appointments any info about how it's conducted and what it was like would be awesome!

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