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2nd labour and coping with 2 children under two

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3babyxx Thu 04-Apr-19 21:51:44

Iv got 3 children all of them were easy
But my first labour out of them all was the hardest especially with recovery .

My eldest is 5 and my two younger ones are 7 months and two .. I'm not going to lie it is hard work sometimes . But they don't stay little forever .. do you have help at home?
I don't have much help but would be nice to have some xx

Nh18 Thu 07-Mar-19 20:48:33

Hi! Just looking for some advise I was induced with my first son at 38 due to OC and had a quick but horrific labour now 32 weeks with my second just wondering if the second is any easier to deliver? Also both my boys will under two how does any one with two children close together in age cope? Thank you

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