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LJW1985 Mon 04-Mar-19 09:23:43

Hi All,

This is my second pregnancy and we have moved areas since having my son last year. I now live closer to a midwife led birthing centre than I do a hospital.
If I went to the birth centre and there were complications I would need to be transferred to the hospital which is 15 miles away - so, I'm thinking of having a home water birth this time around as I just feel that medically, it wouldn't be any different to being in the birth centre, and that really it would in fact be better as I would be able to relax easier at home and hopefully birth in a stress free environment.

I just wondered if any ladies here have had a planned home birth and would you recommend compared to a birthing unit? Also, what happens after you've birthed - do you still have to go in to hospital to get you and baby checked over etc?

Thank you smile

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SeptemberDays Mon 04-Mar-19 15:16:21

I opted for a home birth for similar reasons you, and I definitely made the right choice for me. I personally didn't want a water birth and the birth centre were very pushy about it and proud that they didn't have anywhere for women to lie down. Had I opted for the hospital, it would have been a roadside birth in a snowstorm.

You' and baby will be checked straight after the birth, and any problems that need hospital attention you'll be immediately transferred. If your the one with the problem they won't take baby so your partner will need to follow with him/her. Vit k is given straight away too. You'll normally have a midwife sent out at latest next day for the newbor n check if this didn't happen at the birth, not all midwives are qualified. 3day check was at the birth centre for me. I think you have to go in for any other checks but that would be the same wherever you gave birth.

Catheric Wed 13-Mar-19 09:43:30

Hi there,
I also live close to a birthing centre and have had 4 DC. The first started at the birthing centre but DS1 was in distress so I was transferred to the hospital 7 miles away where he was born. We then transferred back after birth and had all check ups at the birthing centre. DS2 was born at the birthing centre, a water birth. DD1 was supposed to be at the birthing centre but was an unplanned home birth with DH playing midwife and DD2 was a planned homebirth with a midwife present.
My favourite birth was DD1, despite the surprising nature of it, although DD2 comes a close second. The birthing centre was lovely too and it was nice staying there after the boys because it was so homely. After DD1 I was told that after a homebirth (even if unplanned) you don’t have the option to stay at the birthing centre, which I was hoping to to bond with DD1. It didn’t matter, but just in case you were hoping to (and it might be different in your area anyway).
Good luck with your birth, wherever you end up.

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