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so how long do stiches take to heal ?and any tipss to sped up the healing process

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kittenbaby Sat 07-Jul-07 17:07:11

hi girls
ive had loads of stiches due to major repair work after 4th degree tear

had my lovely baby saskia on the 27th of june a week and a half ago
and it still really hurts

did v interested to hear how you got on with your stiching

SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 17:09:36

Tea tree oil in the bathwater. Also salt in the bathwater. Don't walk too much or sit on the stitches as these both put strain on them. Lying about doing nothing is a good option

(I had a 3rd degree tear with DS1 and "ordinary" tears with DS2 and DD. All healed well)

footprints Sat 07-Jul-07 17:09:52

Oooh, you poor thing. I also had a lot of stitches and it was agony.

I don't really remember how long it lasted, seemed like ages, so I just asked my dh!! He reckons I was uncomfortable for about 3-4 weeks but it was only really bad for about 2 weeks, so you're nearly over the worst.

Just in case you're worried, everything healed well and is in full working order

SoupDragon Sat 07-Jul-07 17:10:19

You can hire a "valley cushion" from the NCT to sit on.

leakyR Sat 07-Jul-07 17:13:44

The outer stitches should dissolve any day now the deeper ones will probably take about 6 weeks.

Tea tree oil and salt water baths help speed up healing as Soupdragon said.

You have my sympathies. Congratulations on your lovely baby!

muppetgirl Sat 07-Jul-07 17:19:34

arnica brings out the brusing and lavender drops (1 or 2 i think but check) in a shallow bath.

It does get better -honestly

spiritofstlouis Sat 07-Jul-07 19:55:32

Hello there-

lavender oil in the bath did wonders for me- also very relaxing, gives you a bit of time to yourself and helps those aching boobs.

The best thing to come from having stitches was it forced me to learn how to feed lying down... very useful for catching up on sleep.

I have to admit I did tank up on nurofen too!

totaleclipse Sat 07-Jul-07 19:57:30

Use cooking salt though, not table salt, that way it wont sting.

mamijacacalys Sun 08-Jul-07 11:47:48

mw's told me to take lots of baths - more than 1 a day if I could (though never managed it!)
I would also recommend drinking loadsof water (at least 2 litres a day) as this helps to heal you too.
Had an episiotomy after DS and a 3rd degree tear after D and both healed well.

policywonk Sun 08-Jul-07 11:51:29

Oh God, congratulations on your baby but poor you.

There's a tincture you can get from Neals Yard - calendula and hypericum, I think - that you put in the bath. My MW recommended it to me.

After DS2, on one of her visits, the MW told me off for standing up all the time. I had to explain that it hurt too much to sit down.

Ulysees Sun 08-Jul-07 11:51:53

I had a jug next to the loo and would fill it with warm water and a few drops of lavender oil and wash myself every time I went. The midwives were amazed how fast I healed.

DrNortherner Sun 08-Jul-07 12:13:39

Ow poor you. I had 3rd degree tear and I swear it took a good 8 weeks to heal, even then, if I stood for too long or over did it it would hurt.

I second salt in the bath, and have as many baths a day as you can manage. Also lay on bed with knees bent and let the air get to your fanjo as much as possible, this really helps.

I got a velley cushion from my midwife and that made sitting more comfy.

admylin Sun 08-Jul-07 12:23:18

Here in Germany the MW gave me a cammomile tincture, few drops in water to wash every time I went to the loo and for bath too.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Mon 09-Jul-07 18:34:11

Badidas in the bath.

orangecat Tue 10-Jul-07 20:09:17

Can't remember what degree tears I had, but i bought gel packs u put in the fridge then in your pants. Really numbed the pain. There were 2 in the pack, with special covers. Sorry, can't remember what they were called - got them in Boots. Hope u feel better soon. And, yes, everything does return to as b4

melrose Wed 11-Jul-07 20:12:48

lavender and tea tree in the bath, then dab with witch hazle soaked coton wool, worked for me

estobi1 Wed 11-Jul-07 21:14:45

Congratulations on the arrival of your dd - lovely name!

I took salt water baths every day for a week after and healed really well after 3rd degree tear. Apart from anything else, it was very relaxing.

Whilst I felt sore I sat on a rubber ring which some people told me I shouldn't but what the hell, it felt good! Might want to check with your health visitor/midwife.

Give yourself a bit more time but if you are very uncomfortable in a few weeks time, get yourself checked over.

Lostmykeys Wed 11-Jul-07 21:19:12

Can sympathise with you and the others... had a 3rd degree and was in agony until I tried 'Forever Living' Aloe Vera Gel. Couldn't believe the difference it made and this was about 10 days after. Internal stitches took forever. No doubt you look at your DD and think it was all worth it and that you'd do it again!

vole3 Mon 16-Jul-07 07:43:20

Found that dribbling some distilled witch hazel solution onto the pad was really cool and soothing after repair of 3rd degree tear. All discomfort gone within a week, although retained stitch in awkward place now bugging me after 4 weeks as feels like a bit of loo paper I've left behind. Sorry if TMI

vole3 Mon 16-Jul-07 07:45:08

Would also recommend stocking up on moist loo paper.

marchbunny Mon 16-Jul-07 12:13:23

Hi Kittenbaby

I only had a small second degree tear this time with a few stitches, (baby Samuel born 07/07/07) and have found lavendar oil in the bath and arnica tablets have been working wonders.

I had a rather bad second degree extended tear with a lot of stitches with my ds born 7 years ago, and did not really do anything and this took a lot longer to feel comfortable. I spent a lot of time in bed being waited on - you need to rest.

Sitting in the bath definitely helps if you can manage it. A friend of mine also recommended a few drops of withhazel on a sanitary pad, I have personally never tried this - but she said it helped her.

I really hope it starts to feel more comfortable soon.

ladylush Mon 16-Jul-07 12:17:42

second lavender oil in bath and arnica tablets.

Wisteria Mon 16-Jul-07 12:20:48

2nd the pouring jug of water over yourself as you go - works wonders and salt baths.
Ow! Poor you, it will get better but start your pelvic floor exercises as soon as poss when healed obv. if you ever want good sex again!

cheritongirl Mon 16-Jul-07 20:22:56

had a 2nd degree tear and would really recommend a bath with a few drops of lavender oil and milk (helps carry the oil!) - this really helped me and i was very sceptical! I was surprised at how long it took to heal and that did get me down but think i expected too much of myself - give yourself as much of a break as you can! Do hope you heal well soon.

Nin18 Mon 30-Jul-07 16:41:32

kitten baby - this might be too late for you .. but i had a horrendous 4th degree tear and took ages to get over it, however, you must demand that you be given ultraviolet physiotherapy. I went from being unable to bend down, sit or walk properly to being an agile new mum (albeit a born again virgin!!!) after receiving physio. Best thing I ever had .. demand it. My midwife sorted me out with it but your doctor should be able to refer you also. I had nearly 6 weeks of physio and really found a difference after the treatment! Good luck

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