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5 week old - struggling with phlegm

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Yakadee Sun 03-Mar-19 13:48:10

Hi ladies, not sure if this thread sits here but wasn't sure where to add it.

My baby girl will be 5 weeks old on Tues and she's really struggling with phlegm (it seems).

I did take her to the docs a few weeks ago about it and was told it's normal and carry on doing what we're doing etc.

We've tried raising her moses basket, steam, saline drops, nasal suction thing - you name it. I think it might be getting worse?

She was a bit sick yesterday after a few bottles and you can see the phlegm in it!

What do I do? Is it normal? She does seem happy enough other than this but it's really unpleasant for her.

Thanks in advance xx

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Youngmumma21 Mon 04-Mar-19 11:10:38

Hi, I had this problem with my little one to started when she was about 3 weeks old and is now 7 months and still going strong.

Have taken her to see many different professions and there all saying it’s can be causes by loads of things (typical GP) but spoke to a new (more experience) health visitor recently and she said that babies get between 7/9 coughs, colds and infections etc... a year and some seem to be affected more than others and as a result get a build up of phlegm when they’ve got a cold and the phlegm just stays with them.

If your baby is wheezing or struggling to breath then I was told it could be an underline condition e.g. asthma but what your doing is exactly what I’ve done! keep the basket raised and I’ve found if I wind my little one for a bit longer after feeds it usually helps her burp as well as shifting some of the phlegm to help her be more settled.

Fingers crossed something works! Best of luck x

Yakadee Mon 04-Mar-19 12:03:19

Thanks for replying. I ended up seeing a doc yesterday who confirmed that she's fine. No temperature, good colour, not on her chest etc.

Again, was told keep doing what we're doing and it'll just go in time. We have a terrible night last night, she was just absolutely full of it - poor love x

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