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water birth...they take the gas and air away when its time to push !! is this normal

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kittenbaby Sat 07-Jul-07 13:56:28

hi guys
just wanted to ask is it normal when you have a water birth for thm to take the gas and air away whn its time to push ???
becaus i had a water birth 27th june and i was suprised when the mw said now its time to take the gas and air away its time to push

i wasnt expecting that

EnidJane Sat 07-Jul-07 14:03:04

yes you need your wits about you

maybe she thought youd had too much

katyjo Sat 07-Jul-07 14:04:48

HI kittenbaby,

I had a non-waterbirth and they still took the gas and air away! Although I was having problems trying to coordinate my pushing, kept blowing instead!!
Congrats on your new baby, what did you have, would you recommend a water birth?


EnidJane Sat 07-Jul-07 14:05:48

I didnt want it at the pushing stage tbh

Olissa Sat 07-Jul-07 15:20:46

I didn't have a waterbirth and the G&A got taken away at the pushing stage too. The MW said I couldn't breathe it in and push, and she was right. I couldn't remember the word I wanted for this though, which meant that later as I was being trundled to theatre for a CS I shouted 'counter-intuitive! I meant counter-intuitive' - which of course seemed completely random to everyone else.

Congrats on your little one!

Pruners Sat 07-Jul-07 15:22:33

Message withdrawn

hotcrumpets Sat 07-Jul-07 15:25:21

huh, they do WHAT [scared]

cece Sat 07-Jul-07 15:25:40

I was out of the pool for the pushing stage but still had it taken away, but I had had 7 canisters.

lulumama Sat 07-Jul-07 15:30:11

I had a birth on dry land, and the MW insisted on taking G&A it was distracting me from pushing effectively....i refused, so DH tried to persuade me, and i growled at him so he just pulled the pipe off, and left me the mouthpiece to bite on

i pushed much better without it...

kittenbaby Sat 07-Jul-07 16:56:43

thanks girls
sounds lik it pretty routine
good job i didnt know that b4 otherwis i would of prob gone 4 somthing stronger like pethadine

cece lol at 7 canisters i thought i was bad getting through 2!

WestCountryLass Sat 07-Jul-07 21:38:27

I gave up my gas and air as was not pushing effectively with DD but with DS2 I still had it for pushing but my contractions did the work and I am not sure I would have survived without it!

munchkinmum Sat 07-Jul-07 21:56:54

I gave birth on dry land and my gas and air was taken away for pushing. Was pi**ed off about it at the time but heh, my dd arrived OK without too much of a stress on (obviously this is a comment in hindsight - felt like I was gonna split in 2 at the time - sorry if TMI).

MillieMummy Mon 09-Jul-07 16:48:44

I had water births both times, had the G&A taken away the first time much to my horror. Gave it up voluntarily the second time becaused wanted to get DS out.

kittenbaby Thu 12-Jul-07 10:19:35

oh theres quite a lot of different storys about this one !!
im glad i didnt know they would tak it away from me as i think i would of asked for something stronger !!

mears Thu 12-Jul-07 17:22:52

As a midwife I personally do not take the gas and air away unless the woman is out of control and taking too much. I kept my gas and air for all my births own but used only small amounts - probably didn't need it but wanted to make sure it was handy.

It is common for midwives to take it away for all births whether in water or not, but it is a practice i do not agree with.

Littlefish Thu 12-Jul-07 17:25:43

I was completely off my face on the gas and air. No wonder the midwife took it off me before I started pushing. I still don't remember any pain though.

pinkmagic1 Fri 13-Jul-07 10:40:23

Didn't feel I needed it for the pushing bit and gave it back myself, just kept the mouth piece to bite down on. It looked like a prize rottweiler had, had it once I had finished!

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