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07 dash 07 dash 07 mn due or births?

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WotzaGirl2do Fri 06-Jul-07 15:08:59

supposed to be a lucky date (no 7), they say.

Good luck to any of you due soon.

foxybrown Fri 06-Jul-07 15:10:14

Thanks! Due last friday so hoping she's holding out for tomorrow!

twoplusone Fri 06-Jul-07 19:13:08

My dh is hoping that I have lo tommorrow.. ( will be 38+6) it is number 3.. Lots of niggles and he is 4/5engaged (1/5palpable) but not holding my breath.. Foxy should go first..

motherinferior Fri 06-Jul-07 19:15:13

I'm doing maternity cover for someone due tomorrow - and tomorrow is also my sister's birthday (07/07/66)!

Princesspowersparkle Fri 06-Jul-07 19:40:46

Come on Foxy- we're all rooting for you!! (although if my LO comes tomorrow I won't be complaining!!)

foxybrown Fri 06-Jul-07 20:01:14

Thanks! Will do my best if I get a good night sleep tonight - or someone else can go first!

Look out for my birth-thread - Oh, I already have one, started it 3 days ago when I thought I was in labour

Good luck everyone, here's to easy, painless birthing! xx

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