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Anyone had the prssaries & had them be unsuccessful?

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lemonsorbetinthesun Tue 26-Feb-19 17:53:38

I had that 24 hour propess. Nothing happened with it, but then they seem to sure it just to soften the cervix.

After the 24 hours they broke my water and put me on a drip. Things soon got moving after that!

Piggywiggles Tue 26-Feb-19 06:10:02

Thanks all!

I wasn’t really told much when I had the examination other than I was almost there but that she wasn’t able to break my waters but let’s hope something happens later!

I’ve done everything to try to get labour going from lots of long walks (my poor dog is probably glad I’m not there now!) to living on the ball and nothing’s happened so I hope the drugs work

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Notquiteagandt Tue 26-Feb-19 05:26:05

pessary just softens the cervix. Doesnt send you into labour as such. Depends your bishops score how favourable it is.

I was a 6 so it didnt work for me as my cervix was already short and soft and slightly dialated.

If your scores above a 7 they wont use it and will go straight to a.r.m.

Farmerswifey12 Tue 26-Feb-19 04:55:32

I had 3 pessary which didnt put me into active labour.

However it dilated me to 3cm which allowed them access to break my waters, which did put me into active labour.

Wavingwhiledrowning Tue 26-Feb-19 04:39:03

I've had the pessary three times. It worked twice - once within a few hours, the other just before the 24 hr mark. Both times there wasn't a lot (anything) happening before it all kicked off, so you never know! Good luck!

Baby1onboard11 Tue 26-Feb-19 03:37:59

Exactly same as pp except baby still didn’t want to come and after 16 hours of hormone drips, my baby ended up being born via c section. Too comfy in there!

Good luck and congrats

NatureGal Tue 26-Feb-19 03:35:07

I had the pessary twice and it didn't work. I was already 3cm dilated when they put it in. And it did nothing. Was then rested and baby monitored all was calm. When a slot became available on Labour ward I went, they broke my waters and administered the syntocin drip, half an hour later baby arrived. I did lots of walking hospital corridors, stairs, ball bouncing but it did nothing for me. I hope something happens for you soon.

Piggywiggles Tue 26-Feb-19 02:46:31

I’m 42+1 now after attempting to be induced yesterday.

I’ve had the 24 hour pessary inserted and monitoring every 4 hours. It’s been over 13 hours and nothing has happened so I don’t see there being anything else happening within the next 11 hours.

Has anyone else had the pessary not work? I know they’ll try the 6 hour ones after but I’m not sure there’s much point. Think I’m going for the longest pregnancy record at this point 😒

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